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    Dubstep, the mainly in England originated genre, is usually connected to names like Skrillex, Knife Party, Nero, Caspa and so on. If you have never heard any dubstep and want to create an impression for yourself, you should listen to the song ‚Track Night Shine‘ by Exicision and The Firm or simply search in Soundcloud or Beatport for dubstep mixes:

    You can find elements of various music genres in the 140 BPM (beats per minute) dubstep beats. For example drum and bass, jungle, dub, reggae, electro, hip hop. Subdivisons in the genre are for example chillstep, brostep, darkstep, melodic dubstep and so on. The minimalistic genre lives from deep, punchy, and dominant basslines combined with vocal shouts/vocal phrases and deliberately set highlights like arp sounds or short melodic breaks. The most striking trademark of this genre are the so called wobble basses. Those consist of an interaction between various oscillators such as a sawtooth form for dominance and a sine wave for the necessairy pressure. A lowpass filter is added to this in order to establish the cut-off frequency between low and high frequencies. This happens through the so called cut-off regulator. The wobble vibrations can then be generated through an LFO Low Frequency Oscillator. The drums in dubstep are played halfstep in a 4/4 beat = the drums are running in a 140 bpm song at

    the speed of a 70 bpm song. We recommend for the delivery of dubstep songs for mastering an output level of -6db (fs.) Just like a house mix or an essential mix.

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