DDP-Mastering and DDP-Image

    What is DDP?

    DDP stands for Disc Desription Protocol and was created by Doug Carson & Associates in order to make the delivery of audio data to the manufacturer after the mastering possible. It was created to avoid mistakes and to have a safeguarding of the song order and CDtext. This „safeguarding“ is possible due to the CD-text and the checksum, which are located in the DDP-package, respectively the DDP-images. The DDP-image is created according to the Sony Red Book Standard, which means that the audio data must be present on a CD in 16 bit and must have a sample rate of 44.1 khz. A song must be at least four seconds long and a CD must have at most 99 songs. Advantages of a DDP-Mastering are that during the process of CD copying, no C2 and C3 errors occur. Those are often caused by bad disc drives and lasers and create tiny scratches on the CD, which can not be seen by the human eye. Furthermore, the transmission of a DDP-image is preventing the unwanted unpacking and playing of the CD by possibly managers, label bosses or other co-musicians. This also prevents scratches on the CD or audio data through playback. Because there are 24 bit available on an audio CD – 16 bit for audio data with a dynamic range of 96 db and 8 bit for the subchannel – it is possible to put information like the CDtext into the 8 bit. This includes for example song title, artist name, ISRC-code, EAN-code, songwriter, arranger, genre and a possibility for a short message as well as break times.


    How Is a DDP-Master Created?

    A DDP-Master is created with a software, the audio data (your songs) and the CD-text. All audio files are dragged into the DDP project, the break times and the order is set, and the CD-text as well as all necessairy information is written. Subsequently, the CD-image is created. This usually contains a .DAT data and a checksum as well as every single title on the CD. This DDP-Master then is converted into a zip file and sent to the CD manufacturer.

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