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Tha Liks / Cali Agents / Lords of the Underground in the M/S Zufriedenheit in Würzburg

Tha Liks, Cali Agents, Lords of the Underground were on the 13/02/2014 in the M/S Zufriedenheit in Würzburg and Peak-Studios was also there

Great Event – Intake by 22 clock, recently there was already a huge snake and with over 200 music-loving people the location was packed.

Tha Liks/ Cali Agents/ Lords of the Underground

Tha Liks/ Cali Agents/ Lords of the Underground

The artists all were on time and had their backstage area in the adjacent museum, called Kulturspeicher. Yes, actually in a museum. This is really something special, isn’t it?

Fantastic atmosphere and a lot of partying and dancing. Among the guests were also DJ Illegal of the Snowgoons  and of course Chris Jones of Peak-Studios, who was responsible for the Live Sound. Everyone was really excited, it was a lot of dancing and at the end the artists gave several additions. The following video shows you a little shout with DJ Illegal of the Snowgoons:

From 2 clock Sick & Broke were responsible for good music and provided for a still boisterous and cheerful atmosphere. The guys also organize regularly Bootzilla„, a hip-hop event in a disco, called Boot in Würzburg.

In the gallery you can see all the photos of the event.

Fotos by FotoNoid

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