Streaming Mastering – Mastering for Spotify, YouTube, iTunes and Others


    No matter if mastering for iTunes, mastering for Spotify, mastering for YouTube or mastering for other streaming services – the number of released songs on the portals is constantly rising. But every portal has their own specifications, which are only hardly found out.

    What Is a Streaming Master??

    Streaming mastering is a mastering that is created specifically for the requirements of streaming services like iTunes, YouTube, Spotify or Amazon Music. Very important in the mastering for streaming services are factors like output format (i.e. wave, aiff, acc), loudness (LU, respectively Lufs), headroom, true peak (TP, respectively Tpfs), samplerate (khz) and bit depth (bit). After the upload at the respective provider, the uploaded song is proved for various specifications and parameters are set with a tag (digital label.) The song is converted in different formats and streaming rates, so that you music wil be available to all users in an as good as possible quality.

    What Is the Difference between a Streaming Master and a CD Master?

    For a CD master is an output format of 16 bit and 44,1 khz sample rate applied. For a mastering for streaming services, those requirements vary from provider to provider because the uploaded music must be converted into different formats. This makes the playback of your songs on different devices possible. Another difference that is important for the mastered song on streaming platforms is loudness. A CD master is usually in an area between -10 Lufs to -6 Lufs. That makes a streaming master about 3 to 7 Lufs quieter than the mastered CD version. This is why Peak-Studios is your perfect contact when it comes to the mastering of a streaming version for iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music or Soundcloud. We have the necessairy know how as well as software and hardware and we know the specifications of each provider to create an ideal version of your music for streaming services. Furthermore, we can check the songs for changes after the conversion by the streaming services, so that there will always be an ideal experience to be expected.

    Further information regarding the exact specifications of streaming services can be found in our blog, including a free PDF sheet for download.