Autotune Mastering – Mastering of Songs with the Autotune Effect

    Autotune in Modern Pop and Hip Hop Music

    The so called Autotune effect is getting more and more popular in today’s culture of pop and hip hop. One of the most famous German songs is probably ‚Bausa – Was du Liebe nennst.‘ But also artists like Capital Bra are using this effect.

    What Exactly Is Autotune?

    Originally, Autotune or the Autotune effect was used to adjust tones of instruments or vocals to the correct pitch level. But with the help of Autotune or other pitch correct tools it is possible to make these shifts clearly hearable. That happens when tones are „intentionally“ put, sung or played on an opposing tonal level. Now, the keynote of a song is set correctly with the help of Autotune, some parameters are changed, and you have the Autotune effect.

    Using Autotune Correctly

    It’s always recommended to have Autotune as an insert in the headphone mix during recording. That way, a long manual correction of the tones is prevented and you can immediately hear if your recording sounds the way you want it to. You can find modern Autotune plug-ins from Antares amongst others. These are usually rather inexpensive and offer everything you need for the so called Autotune effect. More precise explanations can be found in countless YouTube tutorials.

    Your Autotune Song Does Not Yet Sound Suitable for the Radio?

    Autotune Mastering of Your Song!

    We master your Autotune song so that it will have a high quality sound in the radio and on
    other playback devices!

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