Online Mastering – Stereo-, Stem- and Vinylmastering for CD, Vinyl and Streaming


    Mastering Principles

    Audio Mastering (Online Mastering or e-Mastering) is the last step in the processing chain before audio material is released or sent to a manufacturer for further processing. No matter if stereo mastering, stem mastering or vinyl mastering – not only good hearing is important. The understanding of metering readings and the managing of different file formats, such as mp3, wave, flacc, aiff etc., is a challenge for every mastering studio.


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    Afterwards, the pre-mastering takes place. Usually, there are no more tonal changes happening here anymore. The order of the songs, time of pauses, and track indications are defined. Most times, a CD-text with information about the album, each song and an IRSC-code or EAN-code is created. The output format for the mastering files including CD information are either a pre-master CD (according to the Sony Red Book standard for audio CDs) or a DDP master (disc description protocol.) The export of the audio files will of course happen in any required file format and in the best quality. If required, we will make you a master specifically for iTunes, live performances, YouTube videos, and smart phones.


    Who Should Have an Online Mastering?

    An eMastering in a mastering studio is suitable for everyone who values a good quality of sound, no matter if it’s for their digitalized vinyl records, already mastered files or if the audio files show errors or defects. But it’s also suitable for everyone who wants their projects not only to sound good on stereo speaker systems, but also on mono devices

    such as smartphones, tablets, and various platforms on the internet, who convert audio files (i.e. YouTube, iTunes etc.) Peak-Studios is your contact when it comes to sound engineering. We have the world’s best studio monitor – the Linemaster by KS Digital. This monitor makes it possible for us to find and eliminate all errors in the mix, the panorama or the depth offset.


    Possibilities of Processing in the Mastering Studio

    Stem Mastering

    Stem mastering is mastering in subgroups like for example vocals, drums or guitars. Here, the engineer has more possibilities to process the single sound elements, free them from technical errors and to come to an overall musical harmony. Voume, loudness, dynamics, and depth offset can be processed while at it.

    A stem mastering is definitely suitable for mixes that have continuously been produced digitally and are supposed to be refined with an „analogous sound“ in their single elements. It’s also suitable for mixes where the optimal mixing ratio is unclear.


    Vinyl Mastering

    A vinyl mastering needs paricular specifications in order to make the cut master’s work easier and to get the best possible results from the delivered data. Not only the EQ’ing and the placing of high cuts and low cuts is critical here, but also the sequence of the songs on the record. You can find some tips and information about that in our blog.


    M/S Mastering

    In the M/S process, the center signal and side signal are processed separately from each other. This provides amongst other things the advantage to specifically process elements like the main vocals or a certain instrument independently from other vocals or instruments. This leads to having more influence on the distribution of energy in a song.


    Streaming Mastering

    The streaming mastering is a version of mastering that is made specifically for streaming services which have audio specifications that need to be implemented. Every streaming portal – no matter if iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc. Has its own guidelines regarding the delivery of data, loudness or dynamics in a song.


    DDP Master

    For an additional charge, we will create a DDP-Master (disc description protocol) for the manufacturer. Nowadays, this is what replaces the delivery of a master CD that was prone to errors. Those CDs became increasingly unusable due to bad disc drives and playbacks at home. The DDP according to the Sony Red Book Standard also includes a CD-text and a checksum. The CD-text offers to implement information such as title, interpreter, arranger, writer or composer. The checksum serves the manufacturer to prove the completeness of the data.


    Why Have an Online Mastering at Peak-Studios?

    We’ve been working for years with clients from the USA – especially New York City – and therefore created the so called „New York-Sound.“ This sound is very „punchy,“ „warm,“ „clear,“ and has a sensational „depth.“ We achieve this sound with specially measured rooms and calibrated monitor speakers as well as exclusively high quality outboard equipment and hi-end software. This is how it is possible for us to achieve the best possible result – also for YOUR production. Even if you don’t personally visit our mastering studio, you are advised in the best way with our online mastering.


    How Does a Mastering at Peak-Studios Work?

    You get to your finished song with three clicks:

    1. Upload file: give your name, e-mail address and possibly phone number for questions.

    2. Payment: carefree via PayPal, bank transfer or cash.

    3. Download mastering: you will receive a link and access data (at most 72 hours* after delivery of the files.)


    Our Tip

    We recommend to give your song to a mastering studio that was not involved in the recording process because, as generally known, four ears hear better than two. An extern online mastering makes an enormous increase of 30% of the sound quality possible and gives your project the finishing touches.


    Important Marks in the Mastering Studio

    Monitor Speakers

    Not many topics are as thrilling and controversially discussed as the choice of the right studio monitors. The big manufacturers offer products in all price ranges and performance classes. But when it comes to mastering on the highest level, there is not so much to offer. There are only a few studios that work with real mastering monitors. That means speakers which allow an absolutely reliable and final evaluation of the delivered material before it is copied on CD or released online. This process is especially important because after the mastering engineer, nobody will correct possible errors or make sound adjustments. The finished piece of music, the product that the customer will later hear in the radio or buy on CD, is generated here.



    There are a couple of things to pay attention to in the conversion of high resolution files which otherwise can strongly impair the quality of the audio files. Not only the correct file format is crucial, but also the bit depth and sample rate. Often, mistakes are made here and the sample rate is downscaled by an odd divider.


    Reaching the Customer’s Taste

    One of the most important features of an engineer – no matter if mixing, mastering or producing – is to find the right mediocriy between technically correct actions and the taste of the customer. Usually, we have a talk with the customer before we start the processing and talk about their musical preferences to get a feeling of where the customer wants to go and to have their personal creative note flow into the processing of their song.

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