FAQ Online Mixing;Online Mastering at Peak-Studios


    Here, you will find information about the following topics:

    -DDP Master
    -project duration
    -after the production
    -change requests
    -data security
    -payment options
    -second trial mastering
    -right of withdrawal


    DDP Master for the Manufacturer

    For an additional charge of 50 €, we will make a DDP (Digital Disc Protocol) according to the Sony Red Book Standard for the manufacturing.


    How Long Does It Take until My Project Is Finished?

    Usually, we need between three and five working days for the comletion of one song. Depending on the order situation, the times may vary.


    What Happens to My Files after Production?

    Your files are safe with us. We will archive all tracks and notes that are of relevance for the project. For an additional charge, you will ALWAYS have the possibility to access your files, settings and notes at a later time. Change Requests of a Mix Down or a Mastering After the delivery of your mix, you have seven days to voice your change requests. Don’t worry. If you need more time, you can extend your feedback time for a small additional charge.


    Are My Uploaded Files Secure?

    Of course. We have a cloud that is protected by an SSL encoding for upoads and downloads. That is how we guarantee maximum security. Furthermore, your data will be certified and secured by ISO 27001. What Payment Options Are There? Our customers can choose to pay via PayPal, bank transfer, payment in advance or cash. For PayPal payments, we have to charge fees for the payment processing. Is There a Possibility for a Trial Mixing? Usually not. Becaause the expenditure for a trial mix is much higher than for a trial mastering. If it is a bigger producion (i.e. Album etc.), of course we can make an exception.


    Is a Second Trial Mastering Possible?

    Usually, that is not possible. The trial mastering is for the customer to get an impression of the result of a Peak-Studios processing. If it is a bigger production, like an album production, we can make a possible second trial master after an arrangement of the details.


    Is There a Right of Withdrawal?

    For all our customers there is a right of withdrawal until the start of the production – 14 days (import of project data into the sequencer.) As soon as production starts, there is no right of withdrawal if:

    1. you agree that Peak-Studios Mixing and Mastering will start the execution of the

    production before the expiration of the right of withdrawal and

    2. you confirm that you will lose your right of withdrawal with your approval of the execution of the production. This can be done by sending the following example text via e-mail, comment it in the ticket in your customer portal or make a deposit.

    Hereby I agree that Peak-Studios Mixing and Mastering will start the procession of my contract before the expiration of the right of withdrawal. Furthermore, I am aware that my right of withdrawal expires due to my approval of a start of production before right of withdrawal expiration. The Reason for the Limited Right of Withdrawal Production contracts about audio material processing have a limited right of withdrawal because they are a “build-to-order“ service. The legislator decided that custom made contracts – in our case mastering, mixing and any change of audio material due to customer request – are excluded from the right of withdrawal. § 355 Abs. 2 BGB new edition.


    How to Withdraw?

    You can send it any time to us via e-mail, letter, fax or call us. Plese use the form.


    Any More Questions?

    Contact us! We will be happy to help you.

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