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Fill in your name, email, and phone number (for possible follow-up inquiries) on the form. The data will NOT be shared with third parties and is protected and certified under ISO 27001.


Upon successful receipt of your files, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. After reviewing your files, we will send you an invoice for your project. You can conveniently pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Once the payment is received, we will commence with the production.


Usually, you will receive your project within 2 business days after payment. During busy periods, this may take up to a maximum of 5 business days. In any case, after receiving payment, we will inform you of the estimated completion time.


All files must have the same starting point. Please send all tracks once WITH and once WITHOUT effects (reverb, EQ, compressor, etc.).
As high as possible. 32-bit floating point (if possible) or 24-bit for other sequencers like Logic or Pro Tools. For MP3, use 16-bit (please avoid delivering in MP3).
As high as possible. 32-bit floating point (if possible) or 24-bit for other sequencers like Logic or Pro Tools.
44,1 khz for Redbook CD, 48 or 96 for streaming, DVD-Audio or video production.
44,1 khz for Redbook CD, 48 or 96 for streaming, DVD-Audio or video production.
Wave, Aiff, SD2, Wave64, Podcast Wave, Mp3, Flac (please all files with the same starting point)
Wave, Aiff, SD2, Wave64, Podcast Wave.
CD-ROM (ISO 9660) or DVD-ROM. For online delivery, files can be uploaded directly to our server via our upload form, or alternatively, a download link to your preferred file hoster can be provided.
CD-ROM (ISO 9660) or DVD-ROM. For online delivery, files can be uploaded directly to our server via our upload form, or alternatively, a download link to your preferred file hoster can be provided.
Please do not apply dithering.
Please do not apply dithering.
Please do not apply fades.
Please do not apply fades. The only exception is for arranged fades where different parts of a song need to be faded separately. If you wish to have fades, please specify.
Panorama settings can generally be retained. If we need them to be different, we will contact you.
Volume levels can be retained.
A headroom of 2-3 dBFS is sufficient.
"Trim allowance" should be left. Please leave at least 500 ms of lead-in time. This is especially important for tracks mixed on analog technology consoles (for Predict/Fingerprints denoising).
No limiting (except as a "creative effect")
No limiting in the summing stage.
Light peak limiting is acceptable, but please avoid using Finalizer or similar tools. The loudness should not exceed approximately -15 dB RMS.
Please send tracks both with and without effects. Feel free to include descriptions of the desired effects along with reference examples, if possible.
Please provide appropriate labels for the tracks (e.g., Main Voice, Beat, etc.).
Precede the songs with the correct track number, for example: "01-my song.wav."
Feel free to provide them if you have a specific sound in mind.
You can also include 2-3 reference tracks.
Please include a tracklist with suggestions or requests. If possible, provide tempo information and a preview version of the mix you desire.
Include information for CD-Text (Artist/Song Name/Text/Music), and ISRC if desired.


Basically with effects.

If you have routed the reverb/tail through "send effects," please send us the clean reverb bus. This way, we can listen to the color and tail of the reverb and select a similar reverb.

So, please export the tracks once completely without effects and once with effects. Ensure proper labeling so that we can immediately distinguish between tracks with and without effects.

No - you can export your tracks with the same levels you have set in your project. If we need a track to be louder or if something is exported too quietly or too loudly, we will contact you for further clarification and request the track.

In general, yes - Cleaning and trimming your audio tracks of unwanted noises or signals saves us time and, consequently, saves you costs! Here are some things you can do in advance:

  • Clean your tracks of unwanted noises, breaths, etc.
  • Cut and synchronize doubles to the main track.
  • Pitch correction.
  • Synchronize the pitch of main tracks and doubles.

Of course, we can do this for you upon request.

A detailed description of how you want your song to sound in the end is very helpful for our work. It saves us from having to guess what you might like and allows us to directly focus on implementing your wishes. The more precisely you describe what you want, the quicker we can achieve the desired result. Ideally, you would specify the exact time in the project and on which track you want specific changes.

For example:

  • At 1:31, please add a quarter-note mono delay to the lead vocal.
  • At 2:20, reduce the volume of the guitar using automation.

You can also describe individual tracks, such as how you'd like the sound of the snare or your vocals. If you have a reference song in mind, you can use it as a point of reference.

In exceptional cases – if there's truly no way to obtain the original WAV file, we will accept an MP3.

Unfortunately, an MP3 is inadequatefor audio processing. Converting from an uncompressed audio format (such as Wave PCM) to an MP3 involves removing frequencies and simulating them using psychoacoustics. This means you hear something that isn't actually present. As a result, one minute of MP3 is significantly smaller in file size than a Wave.

To achieve the best possible result, you should always work with the highest resolution and only convert to the desired output format at the very end.

Yes. However, please note that the workload, and therefore the price is higherin this case. We need to navigate within your project structure and manually adapt your project to our workflow. Additionally, it's possible that we may not have certain plugins you've used in your project..

We do accept project files from the following DAWs:

  • Logic
  • Protools
  • Cubase

It's important to render your audio tracks, including the plugins that must remain on the tracks, before sending them. We primarily work with analog equipment, so there's a chance that we may not have all the plugins used in your projects.

The difference between analog and digital audio processing and what sounds better or different between them is explained in a separate article we have provided. For more information you can access the article on analog vs. digital.

For digital delivery, such as streaming services, we recommend 24-bit and 48 kHz.However, some aggregators (e.g., Recordjet) only allow a sample rate of 44,1 kHz. Please check in advance which format you need, or you can request multiple formats (for a fee).

For CDs, the standard is 16-bit and 44,1 kHz. For vinyl, we recommend 24-bit and 48 kHz to 96 kHz.

It's possible to generate a different file format later if needed. We charge 10 euros for each additional output format.

The volume of a vocal recording should generally be such that it is easily understandable without having to shout or whisper. It's important that the recordings are loud enough to be comfortably listenable but not so loud that they become unpleasant or cause distortion.

The peak limit refers to the maximum volume a recording can reach before distortion occurs. This limit is measured in decibels (dB) measured and depends on the quality of the recording and playback devices. Usually the peak limit for a vocal recording should be between -XNUMX and -XNUMX dB to avoid distortion. However, it's important to note that these recommendations are guidelines, and the optimal volume and peak limit should be determined individually for each recording.

Your upload to Peak Studios

First select the type of processing and then the desired service. You can find a price overview on our website Prices page.

You can choose whether you want to upload your audio files directly or later . For the later upload you will receive a separate upload link after booking (no further data entry required). If you have any questions about data delivery or the production process, you can find all the information in our FAQ section. For cost estimates please use our Contact form.

Accepted payment methods

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The test mastering costs 10€.

With test mastering, we perform a regular online masteringprocess. However, instead of the full song, you receive a 90-120 second excerpt. This involves significant work and costs for electricity, etc., so we can't offer it entirely for free.

For an additional fee of 60€, we can create a DDP (Digital Disc Protocol) according to the Sony Redbook standard for your pressing plant.

We typically need between 3 and 5 business days to complete a single song. Depending on the order situation, times may vary.

Your files are in good hands with us. We archive all production-relevant tracks and notes for you. For an additional fee, you will ALWAYS have the option to access your files, settings, and notes at a later time.

After delivery of your online mixing or our online mastering, you have 7 days to express your change requests. Don't worry, if you need more time, you can extend the feedback period for a small fee.

In general, two revision versions are included in mastering. An exception is when the customer replaces the file, as this involves significantly more work compared to making changes to the already processed track.

Certainly. We have a cloud secured with SSL encryption for both uploading and downloading, ensuring maximum security. Furthermore, your data is ISO 27001 certified and protected.

As a customer, you have the flexibility to choose between PayPal, bank transfer, advance payment, cash payment, or wire transfer. If you choose to pay with PayPal, we will separately calculate the fees for payment processing.

Installment payments are generally possible for orders with a total value exceeding 200 euros.

Generally, no, as the effort for a test mix s significantly higher than for a test masteringHowever, for larger productions (e.g., an album, etc.), we may make an exception.

For our customers, the right of withdrawal is forfeited when clicking the "Submit" button and selecting a paid service.


For production orders that involve the processing of audio material, there is only a limited right of withdrawalbecause they are"build-to-order"services. The legislature has decided that custom orders which in our case includes mastering, mixing and any alterations to audio material according to customer preferences, are exempt from the right of withdrawal according to § 355 (2) of the German Civil Code (BGB), new version.

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