Sound engineer: Everything about training, salary and career prospects

What is an audio engineer?

A sound engineer is a professional who deals with the Recording, Bearbeitung and reproduction of sound. They work in various areas such as music production, film and television, radio and live events. Sound engineers are responsible for ensuring the best possible sound quality. They operate and maintain the necessary equipment, such as mixing consoles, microphones and loudspeakers, and ensure that they are optimally set.

Tasks of a sound engineer

  1. Operation and maintenance of equipment: Sound engineers ensure that all sound recording and playback equipment is functioning properly.
  2. Monitoring sound quality: During recordings or events, they adjust the settings to achieve the highest sound quality.
  3. Synchronization of sound and image: Especially in film and television productions, it is important that the sound exactly matches the picture.
  4. teamwork: Sound engineers work closely with directors, cameramen and actors.
  5. Sound editing: After recording, they edit the sound, remove background noise and adjust the volume.

Training and qualifications

What qualification do you need to be a sound engineer?

There are various training paths to become a sound engineer:

  • Dual education: The training to become a media designer for image and sound usually lasts three years and includes theoretical and practical phases in a company and a vocational school.
  • Study: Courses such as audio engineering or media technology offer in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge. A bachelor's degree usually takes three to four years.
  • School education: Some specialized schools offer practice-oriented programs that last about one to two years (Career Center)​​ (Plakos Academy).

How long does it take to train as a sound engineer?

The duration of the training varies depending on the chosen educational path:

How much does a sound engineer earn?

The salary of a sound engineer depends heavily on experience, field of work and place of work. In Germany, the average starting salary is between 2.000 and 2.800 euros gross per month. With increasing professional experience and specialization, the salary can rise to up to 4.000 euros or more. (Plakos Academy).

Is a sound engineer a freelancer?

Many sound engineers work freelance, especially in the music and film industry. This way of working offers flexibility and the opportunity to work on different projects. However, there are also permanent positions, for example with broadcasters, theaters or production companies. (Meet Your Master)​​ (working life).


The profession of sound engineer offers a wide range of opportunities and is ideal for technology and music enthusiasts. With the right training and ongoing education, sound engineers can pursue a successful and fulfilling career in a variety of industries.

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