Tapefabrik Festival # 4 in Wiesbaden / Germany



At 15 p.m., a Schubert bus set off from Würzburg in the direction of Wiesbaden. We were supposed to get on a bus from Munich, but due to the great demand, an extra bus was ordered from Würzburg. This was very comfortable with 4 stars and there were cheap drinks on board, unfortunately there was a lack of food. It would of course be great if this was taken into account in the future. There were still problems with the communication regarding the exact place of departure. The train station is large and unfortunately there was no precise information in the letter that the bus stops at the taxi stands instead of the other long-distance buses. In the end, almost everyone made it onto the bus.

The bus driver

Even when I left I was extremely suspicious of him. It was received by everyone as if it already had 2 Seals smoked and half a box intus. He behaved just as rascally on the way back. On the one hand, he wanted to collect 5 euros from each of us so that he stayed at one to three o'clock instead of until (although he shouldn't have left before 2 a.m. anyway due to the rest periods to be observed) and on the other hand, he already had himself before leaving from Organizer Allow 100 euros to be returned later. In retrospect, he only wanted 2 euros from each of us, but the cheek to collect twice is really borderline.

The arrival at the Tapefabrik Festival

Was right before that Festival grounds, so it couldn't have been better! 


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The Festival

The Tapefabrik Festival was more than sold out, instead of the calculated 1200 were full 2500 visitors on the premises. the 2 Floors were well structured, only the entrances were far too badly signposted. As always, there were too few cigarette machines. The controls at the backstage entrances should have been a little stricter so that no unauthorized persons can enter the separated areas. In the large backstage there was a huge selection of drinks and food. That Buffet was really well positioned from fruit to hearty to sweets. Unfortunately, because of the many unauthorized persons, everything was gone before the end. The dear "ladies behind the scenes" were at the buffet more often than yours truly. the Mood It was cheerful, but at the beginning more uptight than exuberant due to the too many people, which, however, increased with increasing Alcohol level changed again. For some artists I have to chalk their “diva” EXISTENCE. Unfortunately, it is not as if I were producer Our artists know them on one of those Festival on the way. I also think it's a bit of a shame that some MCs / "Stars" but seem a little artificial. According to the motto - you have to know them. It is therefore difficult, for example, to be reasonable with B-Tight to entertain, because you can already see in conversation that you are being treated and looked at from “above”. Undisclosed, I personally don't care much for such artists with such behavioral traits, precisely because I know that international stars, such as Rugged Man or others would never take off personally like that. Other artists such as Jonesman (who was here but was not on the lineup) were super friendly, nice and accommodating. Also from “Gangzsta rappers” such as Cello and Abdi I would never have expected that the guys would be really okay. All in all, it was one successful communication among all people. The timing worked out more than great for a festival of its size. 15 minutes late at the Main act is probably absolutely more than acceptable. Unfortunately that was beat floor Due to the mass of people the more people got full quite quickly and you didn't have the opportunity to go to the main part after show to celebrate. As far as I know, there weren't any major incidents when it came to violence or the police, and everything was super peaceful.

At the end...


Super festival! Nice people, everything remained peaceful, great time organization, great line-up, great catering and a very nice one Tapefabrik team


Too few toilets, too few cigarette machines, too little backstage food, a totally stupid bus driver and "stars" who act like divas.


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