Stems are one Group of audio tracks in the Music production or in the mix, also called group tracks or subgroups. This outline is currently in the mastering process for the so-called stem mastering advantageous and creates the possibility of more control over your music and mix. This enables an increase in the sound quality of the track and thus also improves your music production. be here Instrument tracks or Vocal tracks or Effect tracks to one Group merged and exported separately. These are called stems. Vocal Stems, Backup Stems, Guitar Stems, Drum Stems, and Synthi Stems are useful. Also at Online mixing services or Recording stems are beneficial. These facilitate the processing and grouping of instruments which are processed together.

The division into Group lanes or stems in the mix is ​​an advantage, as this edited and modified separately before they are then summarized as a sum in the master bus. Here can resonance frequencies to be pulled. Adjustments to the volume in the mix and the tone can be adjusted. All in all, you can achieve an even better optimized sound when mixing, mastering and recording. This leads to a significant increase in production and an higher productivity when mixing or mastering your songs.

It is common to split your track or song into 4-5 stems.



  • Drum stems
  • kick stems
  • bass stems
  • Vocal / Vocal Stems
  • Synths or string stems
  • Guitars or Samples Stems
  • EFX stems

Of course you can too Merge more tracks into a stem. There are no limits to creativity when mixing your song production.

Even with recording, the division into stems is made easy and makes sense for your production or your track.

The only thing to note here is that the combination of individual tracks in the mix or when mixing to form a stem sensibly chosen should be. So it is an advantage if they have a similar sound. In this way, backing vocals or wind instruments, as well as Atmos tracks, can be combined in the song if you want to edit them together in the mix.

In order to enable good processing of the subgroups (stems) and thus your music, it is an advantage about 3db headroom allow. This stands for professional processing, in the later mastering, with dynamic processors such as compressor, limiter, expander or dynamic EQ, in your song, nothing more in the way.

The group tracks should be delivered in at least 24 bits. Here the best possible quality in mastering achieved.



There are often several ways to export stems from your song or track. After we have assembled our individual tracks into group stems, we can switch them to "solo" and as normal Stereo mixdown export. DAWs such as Cubase, Logic and co. a multichannel export, where it is also possible to export the previously created group tracks as stems.

Stem mastering for your tracks too?


To produce your music, often in Tracktor from Native Instruments or something else DJ Equipment DJs use one stem or multiple tracks for their mix. These group tracks are then used for remixes in which a sample is supplemented with different tracks. With the help of a Midi controller, certain effects or modulations are controlled for your tracks. DJs' remixes are often referred to as features because the remixing producer works with the original artist. Once he has edited all the tracks, the finished song is exported from the DAW. This happens either as a stereo file or as individual tracks. The aim is to create a master that is suitable for uploading to the streaming portals. As a rule, an external one is used for mastering Mastering studio booked.

The already successful number should be successful again.

The finished remix is ​​also sent to music labels for evaluation at the same time, with the hope that they will take over the online distribution and/or contribute to the production costs of the tracks.


We master your stems with an analog sound character.

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