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This is how you can describe the history of the collaboration between Goon Musik aka the Snowgoons and Peak Studios. As early as 2010, Peak Studios provided with its New York sound and the Hip hop mixing for the sound design of the Snowgoons' releases. In addition to the albums such as Snowgoons Kraftwerk, Snowgoons Dynasty or Terroristenvolk The portfolio also included other solo albums by individual Goon Musik artists.


With our analog mixing, we deliver the perfect Snowgoons sound to you too!

Future collaboration with the Snowgoons and Goon Musik

From 2019 there will be another collaboration. So now is the service around the topic mixing and mastering with the specially developed Snowgoons sound in Goonsgear online shop available. Services such as Mixing, mastering, stem, vinyl or streaming mastering get booked.

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Chris Jones

CEO - Mixing and mastering engineer. Has been running Peak Studios since 2006 and is the first online service provider for audio services. More about Chris

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