Let's talk business - self-employed as a musician - that's how it works!

Self-employed as a musician, mixing or mastering studio - let's talk business!

Self-employment in the music industry brings many things to bear in mind. We'll tell you which ones they are!

In the NightTalk of the Masterlab Academy on January 24.01.19th, 2, Andreas Balaskas, Birger Nießen, Alex N. and Chris Jones from the Peak Studios talked about independence in music and what needs to be considered here. In the XNUMX-hour live stream, the following questions were discussed in more detail:

  • How do I start my own business?
  • What is to be considered?
  • Which direction do I choose as a musician
  • What is to be considered at the tax office, Gema, KSK and others?
  • How do I find out what price I can charge for my services?

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The nice and informative talk explains what you have to consider as a self-employed musician. Of course, due to the limited time, not all topics or questions could be answered. Legal forms and corporate obligations differ with the choice of activity within the music industry. So you should be between musician, producer, mixing engineer or mastering engineer, etc. differ.

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