cutting graver

What is the cutting graver in vinyl production?

In vinyl manufacturing, a cutting graver is used as part of a cutting process to create master plates or dies for vinyl pressing. This special cutting graver is also known as a cutting needle or cutting pen.

The quality and precision of the cutting graver is crucial for the sound quality of the record. An experienced sound engineer uses special techniques to ensure that the grooves accurately reproduce the audio signals and that the record does not have any unwanted noise or distortion. Therefore, the master cutter plays an important role in the production of records.

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What is the process in which the cutting graver is used?

Sound recording: First, the sound recording that is to be pressed onto the record is created in analog form. This can be done by recording in a recording studio. This is usually what happens afterwards Vinyl Mastering. The clay material is specially prepared for the subsequent processes. Vinyl mastering (or disk mastering) differs fundamentally from mastering for CD or streaming, as the conditions of the vinyl must be taken into account in order to achieve the best possible sound result.

Converting sound into an electrical signal: The recorded audio signal is converted into an electrical signal.

Cutting the master plate: The electrical signal is transmitted to a cutting needle that strikes a rotating aluminum or acetate foil coated with paint. This cutting needle writes the audio signal into the surface of the film in the form of grooves.

electroforming: After the master plate is produced, it is used for electroforming. This involves coating the master plate with metal (usually nickel) to create a stronger and more durable die.

Press: The metal die produced in this way is inserted into a pressing machine in which vinyl granules are pressed into the desired vinyl shape under heat and pressure.

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