RIAA equalization standard

What is the RIAA Equalization Standard?

In the 1950s, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) set a standard for the equalization of record recordings, which was adopted by the music industry worldwide.

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What are standard RIAA records?

The term “Standard RIAA Records” refers to records whose sound recording was carried out in accordance with the RIAA Equalization Standard.

Below are some important points:


Equalization for sound optimization

When recording records, the sound signal is intentionally distorted to combat the physical limitations and nature of record production.

The RIAA equalization curve compensates for these distortions so that the recorded signal has an optimized sound profile.


Standard RIAA records

Standard RIAA records are recordings produced in accordance with RIAA guidelines. Most records produced since the 1950s follow a set standard to ensure consistent sound quality across different playback devices.


Phono preamplifier compatibility

RIAA equalizer is an important component for compatibility with phono preamplifiers specifically designed for vinyl record playback. Using this equalizer ensures that the signal is equalized, thus producing a balanced sound on audio systems.

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