Under "remastered“One understands a title or song that has already been mastered once to be given a new shine. Often it will Remastering of audio material Made for titles that are to be digitally processed from the vinyl record and then either pressed on CD or made available to the streaming services. The song is remastered when all Frequency responses, mono-compatibilityAnd the Stereo width and adjusting the current Loudness values have been made. Often you remove unwanted analog noise during remastering, or crack it vinyl Vinyl record. With many older pieces, however, this is a difficult process that can and should often only be solved through years of experience and technically perfect equipment. We therefore recommend leaving a remastering in the hands of a professional who has the necessary hardware and software in the mastering studio. Especially older pieces that are remastered often sound fresher and more contemporary through remastering. When intervening in the dynamics, however, care should be taken not to destroy the original character of the song. In our online mastering studio we will gladly take over the remastering for you and ensure the necessary shine for your old pieces. Well over 12 years of experience in the field of vinyl mastering and remastering for vinyl guarantee you flawless post-processing.


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