Here you can find some of our mixing and mastering references from the last few years! Due to the large number of our daily projects, unfortunately not all published titles are loaded into our reference list. So if you discover a title, contact us so that we can include it.

The reference material is highly dependent on the delivered raw material, so that within the references Fluctuations in sound quality can result.


Universal Music, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Oasis, Van Halen, Cheryl Studer (Grammy Award Winner), Bosch, Eurosport, Alpecin, Jonesmann, Wu-Tang, Stereoact, D12, Percy Sledge. Tyga, Lumidee, Cypress Hill, Ricky Shayne, Torch, Laas Unltd., Lakmann and many more.




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Here you will find a little insight into the releases that have been processed by us.


The quality of the audio material depends on various factors such as:
Due to these serious influencing factors, it is difficult to compare one title directly with another with regard to the expected sound result in mixing or mastering.


For all those interested, there is a small excerpt from our customers, whom we have been able to look after since 2006.

A 10 CC & Dee Smoove, 3st, 7inch Beats, Adayna, Adian Bujupi, AM Productions, ANX, Abroo, Absolute, Absztrakkt, Adolph Gandhi, AG (DITC), Aggro TV, Aidshilfe Luxemburg, Aims, Alakay, Alena, Alpecine, Alpha Flow, Alucard (Creative Juices), Alterbeats, Ama Coolen, Amun Cruzo, AMV Würzburg, Ambush, Amplitude Beatz, Andreas Kümmert (Voice of Germany Winner), Anewu, Anna, Antiheroes, Aaron Neville, Average

B B Real (Cypress Hill), Baby Brown (Brown Entertainment), backspin, Bacon and Thorn, BAM, Banish, Band Actually, Bayott, Bayer, Beenie Man, Bekay, Benja, Big Ali, Big John Russell, BK 15:29, Billy Preston, Popsicle, Blacastan, Blackmount Studios, Black Poet of Screwball, Black Tiger, Block Mc Cloud, Blai, Bolle, Bosch Ltd, Brass Knuckles, Brudi, Burke the Jurke

C Captain X, Carnage45, Celina, Cella Dwellas, Chamber, Chapter One (Universal Music), CheckMark, Change of Scenery, Cheryl Studer (Grammy Award winner), Cherry Studios, Chief Kamachi, Chris de Silva, Christien & Boris, ChrisGe, Christoph Parzer, Crackaveli, Christhavista, Christian Trochiani, Chrome Headz, Chucky D., Color Trip, Complex, Copywrite, Cream Records, Crazy Bazarro, Crooked I, Crookz Green, Crop

D D12, D.Major, Da Chilla, Daily Journey, Dangeleit, Danny Grunow, Dash, Darnell, Dawilk, DeeBuzz, Deepsoul, Delegation, Devine, Dezz, D Flame, Devonte, Diabolic, Diabolics, Diamond, Dieter Dornig, Dina Might, Dirt Platoon, Dieter Dornig, Divine, DJ Lignin, DJ Mase, DJ Modesty, DJ Psyqo, DJ Ric-E / Stereo act, DJ Seip, DJ TCalabrez, DJ Tricks, DJ Waxwork, Do it All of Lords of the Underground, Dokka, Double D., Dr. Ill, Dream One, Torque, Dyce

E Eastside Mastering Berlin, Ebner Music Management, Edo. G, Eerie Glue, Eingänger, El Toro, Elbaufwärts Entertainment, Electric Acoustics, Ella, Emil Lichtenstein, Emco, Emulo, Eras, Erotic fair, Esoteric, ESP, Eugen Ubykin, Eurosport, Existence, Extra Radio, EXzellent Records

F Fa. Best Bed, Face, FaZ, Fel Sweetenberg, Ferum, Fla DaLiquid, Flip, FloW KinG, Focus Bikes, FOG, Fred SAV, Freestyle (Arsonists), FT (Fuc That), fortafy, Franny Guitar, Frank Haas,

G "G" Creatures, GGFI, GI, Geechi Suede of Camp Lo, Generic, Genghis Khan, Gregpipe, Gerry Rothmund, Gerryland Würzburg, G-Nite, Gitdatbeats, Giftklass-Labor, Ginger Costello Wollersheim, gio, Ghostface Killah, G-Sar, Global 7, Gottlieb Wendehals, Gozpel, Grindhouse Gang, Group Home,  Gucci Mane, Guilty Simpson

H Halfabrick, Haboob Rap, Hans van Helden, Hash, Hard2Def, Harper Helian, House of Youth, Headbuttrecords, Heike Becker, Heltath Skeltah, Hellfire, Hijackers, Kempinski Hotel

I Ice, Ice Water, IDE, Ike Illa, Ilei, Ill Bill, Illyricum, immortal technique, Ingo Roll, Intra, Irie D, Isabelle Meiller,

JJ and J, JAW, Jayden, Now and Here, Jimmyo, Jise, Jodela Music, Joe Rilla, Joel Bedetti, Jonesman, Jonez Amar, JS Supports, Julius Lahai, Julez, Julia H., Julia Star, Julien-K, Justin Tyme

K Karl Frenzel, KC Da Rookee, No panic, Keith Richards, Keljay, Kevnox, English is child's play, King Keil, King Magnetic, Killer priest, Klangfex Knowbodies, Knowledge, Knowshun, Kohly, Konsti, Korpus16, Kraftstrom Musikproduktion, Kristina Neuwert, Krondon, KRS One, Krumb Snatcha, Krush Unit, Kyra

L Lasa Unltd., Lady Repo, Lakeman (Kreuzfeld and Jacob), Lakman One, Lapaz, Lateb, LEILAH SAFKA, Leder Meissner, Lefiz, Lena, Lenart Media, Les Dress, Lex Barkey, LioN, LM (Living People), Lord Tariq, Lord Willin, Luke Frank, Lukey D., Luney, Luwo, Louiville Sluggah of OGC., Luca, Lucky Loop, Lukas Schwarz, lumaraa, Lumid, Luttenberger and Klug, Lyriciss, LZ 27

M M-Beatz, Mac Dre, MAN, Magnetics, Mage Mortician, Main Flow, Mainwah, Marabu Records, Mark Sign, Marka, Marky P, Margarita Gonzales, Marph, Manus Bell, Matt Maddox, Maui, Maxxle, Mazen, MC Pint , Melanie & Tony C, Melie, MemphiZ 1, Meri Voskanian, Metallbau Korsche, Mic Handz, Mick Jagger, Michelle Amthor, Millennium Music, Miss KayKay, Myk One, MOP, Modeste, MONROE Beats, Montana Music Berlin, Morre, Morlockk dilemma, Mustafa, MxJ, My Wurscht Würzburg, Mykill Miers, Misty (C block), Mr Cheeks, Mr Malchau, Mrs Debbie

N NO The God, Nadines Schmeckerei, Nana Briffo, Napoleon Da Legend, Networkpool Switzerland, NBS, Neek the exotic, Netlife1.de, Netto brand dis., Nico Büchl, Nife, Nik, Nine, Nura, Nutso

O O'Bros, Oasis, One, Onealone, One Vision, Osibisa, Outerspace, Olli Nohl Tonmeisterei,

P Pacewon, Pan Rock Project, Patrik Jennert, Pay, Pal One, Persson Brothers, Philo, Phreaky Flave, Pit of Doom, Planet Asia, plate paper, PMD (EPMD), Punchline, Profound Media, Prolog44 Prop Dylan, Psych Ward (J Nyce, Shallow Pockets), Percy Sledge, perfect sin,

Q Qamron, Sir Q-late, smoke


R RA The Rugged Man, Radio Primaton, Rainflow, Rama, RapThorClaw, Ras Kass, RASP,Rebecca Siemoneit Barum (Lindenstraße), Raekwon, Reaper, Rec-Z, Red Rhythm, Redroom Records, Reef The Lost Cauze, Revelz Music, Red Eye, Reflect GmbH, Relay, Restless, Rhymes, Richter, Rick Ross, Ricki, Ricky Shayne, Ringcenter Offenbach, Risky, Road Bike, Robbie, Ron Ronicle, Roppongi Red, Royal Flush, Rozewood, Rusty Juxx, Rear wind


S Sabac Red of Non Phixion, Satchel Page, Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Saint Mic, Sanchez, Sandra Clark, Santa Esmeralda, Sarina Funke, Sauce Money, Savage Brothers, Scep, Scott G, Scype, SDG, Sean Strange, Sewo, Shandmowl, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Shabazz (Wu Tang Clan), Shuko, Sean Price, Side Effect, Sicknature, Sifaa, SilverStar, Simon Wild, Skeezo, Skuzzle, Skyzoo, Sly, Slaine, Smal Mike, Smoothe da hustler, Snak the ripper, snow goon, So Izzy (Newcomer Pop Award Winner 2014), Solicit, SouL, Soundplayerzz, Spax, Spielmobil Bamberg, Satchel Page, Ste-Li, Stefan Barlog, Stefan Naihaus, Steffi List, Stereo Minds, Sternenregen, Stylitztic, Stylo G, Sündirella & The Blockbusters, Supastition, Super Heavy Noise, Suzanne Grieger -Langer (Profiler Suzanne), Suzanne Isaac, Sweed, SWR3, SXXS & The Foundations

T TOK, Tall MC, Tame One, Tarzzan, Teisha & Fiona, Telamo, Termanology, Texuz, Tezuka, The Jodys Singers, The Lowmen Still, The Rockness Monstah, The Uncanny, Thomas Moik, Thööö, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Tim Ahmed, Timbo King Qualm (Savage Brothers), Tina Bee, Toby Ses, Tom Hazy, Tone, Toni-G., Tone Luc, Toomb, Torae, Torch, Tragedy Khadafi, Tre Seven, Trieblaut, Triple Seis, Tutty Tran (stand up comedian), 2ugli

U joke the little star boy, Umut Akin, Uncanny, Uni Radio Würzburg, Uni Records, Innocent, Universal Music, Usual Suspectz

V Van Halen, dad, Venom, Vena3, Verbal Kent, Vershon, Vibez, Violet, Violent, Viro the Virus, Virtuoso, Vision Records, Vlad Strecker

Z Zense GmbH, ZuSko


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