PGM film sound

PGM is an important term in the Film sound mixing or audio post-production. In this article we want to explain what this is all about.

What is the PGM in film sound?

“PGM” means “program”. In radio and television studios, this term is used to denote the main program or program currently being broadcast. The term is often used to distinguish the actual content broadcast from other elements such as advertisements, trailers or announcements. The PGM sound therefore includes the entire sound mix. This includes the actual dialogue, voiceover, FX or SFX, atmosphere, original sound, Foley and music.

How is the PGM sound played?

The PGM sound is usually exported as a stereo or dual mono file. When exporting to dual mono, pay attention to the labeling between the left and right channels. In Germany and Europe, the PGM sound is also subject to the PGM sound for most broadcasters EBU-128 guideline. This means that there is a loudness of -23 over the entire playing time LUFS and a maximum headroom of -1dbTruePeak is assumed.

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