Nice View - music project for children in Kenya


As part of a music promotion project for children, our team from Peak Studios works with the "Nice View" Orphanage in Kenya. "Nice View" is a voluntary organization founded by Edmund and Gudrun Dürr for orphaned children and young people, which has been operating in Africa since March 13, 2000. There, the protégés are looked after and cared for from baby age to independence. The focus of their work is the care, upbringing, child-friendly education and support of the offspring, which many parents cannot guarantee due to the prevailing poverty in this part of the country. That is why not only the children living in "Nice View", but also children from destitute families in Msambweni are taught in the institution's own school to give them an opportunity to get an education.

Even in 2019, military school rules are still practiced in many African schools today. Children are beaten with sticks or have to stand on their knees for hours with their hands above their heads as a punishment. The teachers are often poorly trained and completely overwhelmed due to the extremely large school classes. In addition, schools are generally poorly equipped and teaching material is virtually non-existent.

So that the adolescents have a chance on the overcrowded, but mostly poorly educated labor market, the village school has been training the youngsters up to the 2013th grade since 8, so that they can successfully take the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (in Germany comparable to the secondary school leaving examination ) to register.

"Nice View" works closely with the local Kenyan population and is therefore a livelihood for many families in the area. All furniture, windows and doors for the Nice View projects are manufactured in the project's own carpentry workshop. In order to guarantee apprenticeships and jobs, the in-house joinery also accepts outside orders.

The same applies to the Nice View tailoring, in which school uniforms, bags of all kinds, work clothing, skirts and much more are produced and repaired. The children there already learn the basics of sewing and designing items of clothing.

In addition, there is the farm project started by "Nice View", which supplies the facility with coconuts, fruit and vegetables and, thanks to the location close to a lake, serves as a summer camp for the children. In addition, vegetables and arable crops are grown on the carpentry and sports grounds. Various animals are kept including chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, goats, guinea pigs and much more. This farm project offers more jobs and serves to contribute to self-sufficiency and to introduce the children to vegetable growing and animal husbandry.

In order to strengthen the children's sense of togetherness, “Nice View” started a music project and turned to Peak Studios to help them with CD mixing and support mastering of their songs. During this project, three songs, two in English and one in German, were created for which music videos were shot. The song "I`ma girl and you`ra boy" became the "Nice View" hymn to gender equality and cohesion.

The children's enthusiasm for the recordings of singing and video was enormous and meant a (if only brief) change in their everyday life in order to work towards a goal with a visible and audible result. The up-and-coming musicians were accompanied by Cinthia Koeksal from the doctors (vocals), Miguel Estrada on guitar and the music producer Dr. Harald C. Gäckle, who provided musical ideas and instrumentals. He also assisted the young artists in writing the lyrics, which promotes creativity and concentration, and directed the music and video recordings of the project. The self-portrayal in an artistic situation like this raise the self-esteem and reflect the energy and joy of life of the children. With the song "I saw the light" the children express their fundamentally positive attitude towards life.

The resulting pieces of music are varied and deal with topics such as cohesion, their optimism, but also the children's past, which was marked by losses. In their song "In my Heart", for example, the young people process the strokes of fate they have suffered and give us an insight into their emotional world and illustrate the pain they have experienced.

Thanks to modern media, your own work has become divisible to friends and family and the joy of it endures for a long time. All income from the project will benefit the children's village. The people in charge of "Nice View" want to continue writing and recording songs with the children in order to advance this extraordinary project. That is why the Peak Studios team was warmly invited to come to Kenya and work on other songs together with the young talents and take over the recording management including the mix and mastering. Of course, we gladly accepted this invitation and are planning to implement this wonderful project in the coming year and bring the children closer to the fun and joy of music and to set their music to music in the best possible way. We are very happy that you are also your next one Have the CD mastered.