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Changes in the audio post production are discussed and implemented with us.

Mixing and mastering of sound for the selected target medium is of course not only required for music, but also plays a central role in the post-production of video material.

As with mixing music, the aim of sound mixing is to optimize all sound elements that are to be combined with the video material and to combine all elements such as speech (original sounds or ADR recordings), film music, voice overs, background noise and other sound effects to create a coherent overall picture. Depending on whether the video material is intended for the television at home or the cinema, various technical specifications and standards must be observed here so that there can be talk of an optimal film sound mix. Specifications from streaming platforms such as YouTube or social media channels also bring their own challenges.

Even before the first sound film, the performance was accompanied by musicians, usually on the piano or the cinema organ, to provide atmospheric background music in cinemas. The importance of sound as a creative part of the film experience is therefore older than the sound film itself. In order to implement your individual ideas in the best possible way in the film sound mixing of your project, we are happy to be at your disposal personally and discuss your needs in advance.


In the video sound processing of film sound (sound mixing), we guarantee the highest standard for audio post production. We attach particular importance to an ideal relationship between dynamics and loudness, taking into account the applicable standards for TV and film (EBU 128). So there are no concerns for ideal video sound.

We create that perfect mix (printmaster) for your sound mix and ensure an ideal relationship between dialogue (DX) and original sound, music (MX) and atmosphere (FX).

Our mixing studio rooms are acoustically measured and optimized for film sound mixing and video sound processing. Our monitoring monitors are specially designed for the mixing and mastering area and the entire studio is made for a clean sound image. With our high quality analog outboard equipment and high-end software tools, we ensure clean dialogue, powerful music, a clear sound in the original or off-speaker.

Before the start, we clarify all topics relevant to TV or film production and discuss the further procedure for video sound processing within post-production.

Once the sound mix (print master) is ready, we discuss it and make modifications if necessary, or offer an alternative video audio mix version.

By ours years of experience in mixing of audio recordings, video sound and music, we also convince in the sound mixing and video sound processing.

Since the challenge of having a video sound edited is great, we attach great importance to good service!


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