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Changes in the audio post production are discussed and implemented with us.

Mixing and mastering of sound for the chosen target medium is, of course, not only in demand for music but also plays a central role in the post-production of video material.

Just as with music mixing, the goal of sound mixing in the context of video is the optimization of all audio elements to be combined with the video material, bringing together elements such as dialogue (location sound or ADR recordings), film music, voiceovers, background noises, and various sound effects to create a cohesive overall audio experience. Depending on whether the video material is intended for home television or the cinema, there are different technical requirements and standards to consider to achieve an optimal film sound mix. Additionally, streaming platforms like YouTube and social media channels have their own set of challenges and requirements.

Even before the era of the first sound films, the cinematic experience was often accompanied by live musicians, typically playing the piano or the cinema organ for atmospheric accompaniment. The significance of sound as a creative element in the film experience predates the advent of sound films. To best translate your individual vision into the film sound mixing of your project, we are here to assist you personally and discuss your needs in advance.


In the video sound editing process, specifically in sound mixing for film, we ensure the highest standards for audio post-production. We place particular emphasis on achieving an ideal balance between dynamics and loudness while adhering to the relevant standards for TV and film (EBU 128). Therefore, there are no concerns when it comes to achieving optimal video sound.

We create the perfect mix (printmaster) for your sound mixing and ensure an ideal balance between dialogue (DX) and original sound (O-Ton), music (MX), and ambiance (FX).

Our mixing studio facilities are acoustically measured and optimized for film sound mixing and video sound editing. Our monitoring speakers are specifically designed for the mixing and mastering areas, and the entire studio is crafted for a clean sound image. With our high-quality analog outboard equipment and high-end software tools, we ensure clean dialogue, powerful music, and clear sound in the original sound (O-Ton) or off-speaker.

Before commencing work, we address all the topics relevant to TV or film production and discuss the further course of action for video sound editing within the post-production phase.

Once the sound mix (print master) is complete, we review it and, if necessary, make modifications or offer alternative video audio mix versions.

With our years of experience in mixing audio recordings, video sound, and music, we excel in sound mixing and video sound editing.

Since the challenge of editing video sound is significant, we place a high value on providing excellent service!

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