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  • Podcast mixing
  • Answering machine announcements
  • Telephone systems texts
  • Mailbox announcements
  • broadcast advertising
  • music on hold


Even with high-quality voice recordings such as podcasts, telephone announcements or queues, it is ultimately about the quality of the recording for the best possible listening experience. Just like with music recordings, the quality of the final product depends on it Recording, the mixing of the voice recording and the mastering.

Even the best mixing engineer can only work with what the recording itself has to offer. At podcasts is at the Choice of room situation above all, to ensure that there is as little reverberation as possible. It is also recommended to use one high quality microphone. So an ideal sound quality for our Podcast mixing be achieved.

When mixing voice recordings, there is one in particular uniform volume within the language flow of the greatest importance. Minor dynamic fluctuations, such as when telling an audio story or an audio book, are welcome and not a problem. The voice and everything else within a piece should be prepared as pleasantly as possible for the ear. The podcast must therefore be edited appropriately depending on the content: different speakers can be acoustically located differently in the room using the panorama settings in order to reinforce the impression of a conversation. Narrations by only one speaker, on the other hand, should be located more centrally.

Especially with audio books and advertising recordings, there is also a targeted one
use of effects such as reverberation or echo and mixing with other audio tracks. With most podcast mixing, however, the art lies in the inconspicuousness: by orienting the mixing to human hearing habits, the sound difference between the recording and the real conversation situation should be minimized. But should disturbing and unwanted sounds in the podcast can be repaired. Special attention should be paid here sharp S-loud, boomy bass frequencies or too extreme room reverberation.

At the end of the mixing, the technical correctness of the exported audio file should be checked again, as it is due to incorrect playout leads to technical problems when playing on the various streaming platforms. Ultimately there is target medium the requirements for the mixing quality of voice recordings: An impressive Dolby Surround cinema voice does not fit into a telephone waiting loop - and vice versa. Even with online platforms like There are differences between YouTube and Spotify in the best sound quality. We are happy to advise you when it comes to mixing podcasts. Thanks to our experience and working with a large number of different artists and professional speakers, you are in the best of hands with us.

If you have already merged the tracks of your podcast into a finished mixdown, you can Podcast mastering further optimizations can be made to the sound experience.


Luke Wolfsbauer

I can only recommend!
When I heard the mixing result for the first time, it was clear to me that it was a good decision to choose this studio.
Fast response, fast friendly service and really good result .. TOP!

Selina Buccella (Seluna)

Very good service, friendly communication and competent answering of questions. My wishes were met very well and I am very satisfied with the mixing/mastering.

Dima Tenne Ssee
Can only recommend this mixing and mastering studio! Chris is always available, communication is always very quick and clear in all possible ways. The master itself took my record to a whole new level. Chris also gives very good tips within the process on how to get an even better end product together. Absolute recommendation!


Prices for podcast mixing and mastering are always an important criterion when deciding on the right podcast studio. We have therefore tried to make the podcast prices as transparent as possible. We are happy to grant generous discounts for extensive projects!


Professionally set audio or non-fiction book including editing and editing
from 300
  • Recording including complete post-processing. Subdivision into chapters etc. play out in the desired format


Editing and editing of audio material for podcasts, audio books, non-fiction books, radio advertising
from 150
  • Complete post-processing including mastering. Subdivision into chapters, etc., played out in the desired format, processed in the same way


Creation of podcasts, e-learning, explanatory videos and image films
from 300
  • Recording and complete post-production. Division into chapters. Playout in the desired format

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In our mix analysis you will find out whether your podcast meets the technical standards.


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