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When mixing music online, we embody the unique in our mixing studio "New York Sound" Because of our many years of working with customers in the United States, we have generated a sound that "Warm", "deep", "clear" and "powerful" sounds. So you don't have to worry that your song will lack quality after mixing.

We create that perfect mix for your songs and your audio files. Our mixing studio rooms are acoustically measured and optimized for the processing of audio material: the monitoring monitors are specially designed for the mixing and mastering area and the entire studio is made for a clean sound image. With our high quality analog outboard equipment and high-end software tools, we achieve the best possible result when mixing, according to your expectations. In this respect, the same applies to our online services Equipment to use what also in professional State-of-the-art music studios is used. A mix from a conventional home studio cannot keep up.

You are also welcome to use a Online mastering order from us if your traces have already been merged in one file.

We clarify all of them before we start Wishes, suggestions and concerns, even if we have the feeling that something didn't work out quite so well in the recording room.

Once the mix is ​​ready, we will discuss it and, if necessary, carry out modifications or offer alternative versions - until we meet your requirements.

By ours years of experience in mixing We convince of instruments, vocals and other audio recordings in online mixing and online mastering from the separate tracks to the finished song.

The mixing service is very important in our mix studios! That's why we archive the tracks, presets, wishes and settings of your finished file in such a way that you can always use them for later projects - with us or in another studio. As a rule, we archive your mix for at least 10 years, so that you can have an up-to-date mastering done later.


Luke Wolfsbauer

I can only recommend!
When I heard the mixing result for the first time, it was clear to me that it was a good decision to choose this studio.
Fast response, fast friendly service and really good result .. TOP!

Selina Buccella (Seluna)

Very good service, friendly communication and competent answering of questions. My wishes were met very well and I am very satisfied with the mixing/mastering.

Dima Tenne Ssee
Can only recommend this mixing and mastering studio! Chris is always available, communication is always very quick and clear in all possible ways. The master itself took my record to a whole new level. Chris also gives very good tips within the process on how to get an even better end product together. Absolute recommendation!


As important as one accurate listening monitor is also the room acoustics with great certainty. This contributes significantly to how a track sounds on our premises - ideally exactly how it was produced and mixed. Every room in which music is played stimulates frequencies that affect the sound quality of the music. When it comes to mixing, however, it is important that we can also judge what we do neutrally. So to mix the tracks we need a room that is acoustic no influence on the sound our song has.

One of the most important qualities of an engineer, whether mixing or producing, is the right mediocrity from a technically correct approach to find and keep the customer's taste. We usually contact the customer before processing and discuss his musical preferences, to get a feel for where the customer wants to go and around his personal creative touch to be incorporated into the processing of his song.

When converting a high-resolution file, there are a few points to consider when producing that would otherwise affect the Significantly impair the quality of the output audio file can. Not only the correct file format is crucial, but also bit depth and sample rate. Often the mistakes are made here and the sample frequency is downscaled with an odd divisor.

Anyone familiar with the subject Mixing not busy enough is exactly right with us with an online mixing in our mixing studios. It takes a lot of time and practice to familiarize yourself with the subject of audio editing, therefore do not always mix your own an option. ours Service we offer for everyone who has the technical and spatial possibilities for a optimal sound result are not available. No matter if you are with Cubase, ProTools, Logic or another sequencer, we can edit them and, thanks to our sound console, give them the right sound character.


Mixing and online mixing prices are always an important consideration when choosing the right online mixing or mastering studio, especially for artists on a budget. For this reason we have tried to make our mixing prices as transparent as possible. We are happy to grant discounts for larger projects!


Analog mixing with a unique New York sound is guaranteed by our audio online mixing and mastering
from 120 per song
  • 2 change versions included.


Analog mixing with a unique New York sound is guaranteed by our audio online mixing and mastering
from 200 per song
  • 2 change versions included.


Analog mixing with a unique New York sound is guaranteed by our audio online mixing and mastering
from 250 per song
  • 2 change versions included.

Prices include VAT

The above prices are indicative only and do not represent the exact final price. Because the cost is very dependent on the starting material, scope and desired end result, it is difficult to determine the exact cost. Nevertheless, based on our many years of experience, we can quote a flat rate that in the rarest of cases does not correspond to the actual effort. Ultimately, however, the effort varies greatly from song to song, which is why the price always depends on the individual project.

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