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Come to our studio or we will teach you live in your studio. So you can work comfortably from home with your own equipment and learn mixing and mastering. Discuss your questions and wishes directly with the engineer in the preliminary talk and plan your sessions together.


  • To ensure learning success, we use special didactics for preparation and follow-up.
  • In the training, we address your weaknesses in mixing with specific questions and develop one or more solutions together.
  • Our goal is to develop an independent understanding of the processes in audio processing, especially in the area of ​​mixing and mastering, and to apply it intuitively in the right situations. On the one hand, it is about the ability to analyze problems in the audio material, to record and evaluate measured values ​​and, on the other hand, to independently develop solutions.
    For example, a drum bus should sound “fat” and “tight”, but also “attacki”. No problem! Vocals should sound "warm", "high definition" and "punchy". We will be happy to teach you all this and many more ways to achieve your sound!


So you end up with one large collection of useful tips and tricks and have enough knowledge to help you not only with mixing or mastering, but also with recording your songs. Whether at home or in Recording studio.

  1. You contact us and choose between our ready-made lesson modules, each consisting of 2 to 4 lessons (50 minutes each), or a tailor-made lesson. Both options take place in individual coaching. So not like other providers in group lessons or via instructional videos. This gives you the opportunity at any time to ask one of our engineers your questions on the respective topics directly and to have them answered in detail.

    Teaching with ready-made teaching modules is suitable especially for beginners in the area Mixing and mastering.

    The tailor-made courses are aimed in particular at advanced music producers and musicians who want to advance in one of the two processes based on the knowledge they have acquired so far.

  2. Together we arrange the first lesson dates or the preliminary discussion for our tailor-made courses, in which we work out your wishes and the necessary skills with you. Based on the steps we have developed, we will create an individual lesson plan for you. Based on the lesson plan, we can then arrange appointments and discuss which modules you would like to tackle first.

    Since we only offer one-to-one coaching, it is possible to postpone and reschedule appointments at any time.

  • Measurement of your sweet spot acoustics with an explanation of the frequency image, as well as an explanation of how you carry out a measurement yourself in order to carry out your measurements yourself in the future.
  • Stereo mastering - Mastering a stereo audio track, as well as all necessary intermediate steps.
  • Monitor setup
  • M / S mastering - Mastering of center and side signals separately from each other in the audio.
  • EQing Sweep frequencies, pull resonance frequencies. Technical EQing, musical EQing, moderate work, as well as the use of parametric and fully parametric EQ's, digital and analog EQ's. Working with dynamic EQ's
  • Insert effects, send effects, sound effects, room effects - This not only includes reverb, delay, flanger and chorus, but also the use of pre-fader and post-fader send effects.
  • Compression, parallel compression, multiband compression - Setting parameters such as ratio, threshold, gain, knee. Application of the different compression methods in different musical styles. Understand function and learn to use it.
  • Limiter - Soft limit, hard limit, peak limiter. Handling the right loudness. Assessment of the dynamic loss, calculation of the necessary loudness and calculation of the maximum possible loudness.
  • Working with different file formats and resolutions - Working with the file formats such as Wave, Aiff, MP3 and Flac. Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of the individual file formats. Understand the importance of the necessary bit depth and work with files in 16, 24 and 32 bit float mode. Working with different sample rates. E.g. 44.100, 48.000, 96.000 and 88.200.
  • Structure of workflows - Project-related procedures in the mixdown and mastering process. From project construction to the final completion of an audio title.
  • Working with presets - Creation of your own presets, as well as the use and modification of existing presets.
  • Learn to hear mistakes correctly - Learn to hear technical and musical errors faster, to categorize, work through and correct them.
  • Define the schedule and sequence of the work steps
  • Use application software, Cubase, Wavelab
  • Working techniques and workflows Vote taking into account the requirements of the content
  • Sound carrier under Respecting their properties and the requirements
  • Sound material for technical errors and completeness of content check and document results
  • Perform standard and format conversions
  • Correct sound and apply effects

Of course, we also cater to your specific problems and lesson requests!


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Learn mixing and mastering skills. We offer support for deficits directly in your or our studio.
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Tailor-made courses with a jointly developed curriculum - you benefit from our experience.
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distance learning Learn mixing and mastering from anywhere! Independent of time without subscription.
60 for hours
  • Discount for multiple bookings. Subscription possible.

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