No matter if Online mixing, or one Get song mastered, up to all other components of an audio production, we often have to deal with “deadlines” and specially set production periods. Good planning is a prerequisite for success and the completion of your song!

In terms of response times, Peak Studios has made the American “Customer Care” a resolution. Our response times to emails or other textual correspondence are often less than 3 hours, but always within 6 hours (between 09 a.m. and 18 p.m.). Also on weekends, Sundays and public holidays!
Peak Studios is also stepping up the process of processing your audio production. We work with the help of our ticket system Mix, master or other audio services based on SLAs (sale level agreements). This guarantees an ideal production process and you receive the first results of your production “just in time”. As a rule, we can refine your production within 3 to 5 working days after receipt of payment, often much faster!

One contact for all production components! Whether before, during or after production. Your personal contact is guaranteed at Peak Studios!

Our team looks back on many decades of musical experience and is on hand with advice and action. Each production genre requires different specialist knowledge, which we can cover holistically through our deliberately mixed team.

Nothing is worse than not being satisfied afterwards. That is why one of our guiding principles is "honesty lasts the longest". Sometimes you reach a point in a production where the quality perception threatens to drift away from reality. These can be changes in the arrangement or in the mix / mastering. It is important to our team to get the best possible out of every production, together with the producer and everyone involved.


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