Here is an excerpt from our mixing and mastering equipment. Our three studio rooms are optimized for acoustic performance according to DIN standards for sound studios and mixing and mastering studios.



  • Manley Massive Passive (Mastering Edition)
  • Masalec MEA 2
  • Neve summing mixer
  • Drawmer S3
  • Drawmer 1976
  • Drawmer 1973
  • Chandler curve bender
  • Gyraf G14 passive EQ
  • Gyraf G22 VariMu
  • Gyraf G23 Tilt EQ
  • Warm Audio Bus Comp (SSL Transformer)
  • Elysia X Filter 500
  • Elysia X-Pressor 500
  • Area 03 Audio Bax EQ
  • Dangerous Bax EQ
  • Aphex Aural Exicter
  • Dangerous Mastering Comp
  • Bettermaker Mastering EQ
  • Bettermaker Mastering Limiters
  • SPL Iron
  • Area 03 Audio Limiter
  • SSL500MK2
  • API 550a
  • Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph
  • TK Lizer2
  • 2x VOG
  • Manultec MT E. 8012 Orca Bay
  • WarmAudio WA12 MKII
  • Black Lion Audio Bluey
  • Aturia MicroBrute
  • PRS SE Paul Allander
  • Fender Road Worn Player Strat
  • Jackson JS32-7 Snow White
  • Peavy Grind NTB 6
  • Dovina GACE
  • Fender Blues Junior IV
  • Line 6Valve HD100 MKII
  • Hartke HA2500


  • RME ADI-2 Pro fs
  • RME M32 AD
  • RME M32 DA
  • RME Fireface 400
  • RME UFX +
  • Apollo Twin
  • Apollo X6
  • Apogee Rosetta 800
  • Crane Song HEDD Quantum
  • Neve MBC
  • Flock audio routing
  • Complete Vovox cabling
  • Acoustics: MB acoustics
  • Studio furniture: Costume Made at Allgäuer Holzliebelei
  • Aturia Audiofuse 8pre


  • Neumann TLM 102
  • Neumann TLM 127
  • Neuman U87
  • Warm Audio WA47 Jr
  • Telefunken M80
  • Audix DP5 drum mic set
  • Manley Reference Cardioid
  • SSL VHD PreAmp
  • Tegeler VTRC channel strip
  • Apollo Unison preamps
  • Red NT1
  • Warm Audio WA-47jr
  • Shure SM7B
  • Shure SM75


Connie Conrad
I have been working with Chris for many years. His mastering stands out from other mastering studios because he feels the mood and musical style of the tracks, rather than focusing on extreme loudness in the loudness war. His sensitive mixing and mastering skills are rare to find on this planet!
Marco Matic

Top mixing and mastering studio! The boss, Chris, is super friendly and accommodated all my special requests... excellent results. I can highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of the music genre!

Frank Rest
Great work done in a short amount of time. Quick response time in communication, immediate assistance with questions. Excellent audio mastering, and a very fair price. I'll gladly work with Chris again on the next project. Everything went smoothly! Thank you very much, Chris!

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