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Online Mix Analysis – Preparation for Mastering

Due to countless listenings of your own mix, you often come in a situation where you can’t decide anymore wether the mix is ready for a mastering or not. We will tell you! Our team will look at and listen to your mix, give you tips for the improvement of the mixdown and show you possible weaknesses of mixing.


Free Mix Analysis

With our free analysis of your mixdown, we will explain to you where technical errors in your online mix are and what the things are that influence your mix negatively.


Paid Mix Analysis

With our paid mix analysis, we will show you the errors in the mixdown based on a reference song of your choice. We will explain to you how to eliminate the errors so that you can come as close as possible to your reference song and move to a procession at the online mastering. Here, resonant frequencies, eqing or missing and poor compression will be shown. Our online mix advise can be done on the phone as well as in written form. If a phone call is preferred, we will be happy to write down all the important points, so that you can extensively take care of the mixing of your song.


Mixing and Mastering Tips/Tutorials

If it is not enough to send us your mix online and order an analysis, you can find useful tutorials for mixing and mastering in our blog to get an even better result from your audio production.


 Send us your mix and we’ll tell you if he’s ready for mastering! Free and without obligation!

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1. Fill out

 Fill in the form your name, e-mail and your telephone number (for any later queries). The data will NOT be shared with third parties and will be certified and protected by ISO 27001.

2. Listen and anlyse

 You will be notified as soon as your mix analysis is finished. Usually you will receive these within 3-5 working days.