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Vinyl Mastering Service

In the world of music production, the quality of vinyl mastering plays a crucial role. Every music enthusiast knows that not all physical records are the same. Despite the digital medium's trend in recent decades, many music lovers remain loyal to vinyl records for good reason: The unmistakably balanced sound of a vinyl record remains unmatched to this day. Musicians and producers should keep in mind the unique aspects of audio mastering for vinyl. There are some differences to consider compared to online mastering for streaming platforms!

The Vinyl Mastering Service at Peak Studios optionally includes:

  • Consultation on the manufacturing process (lacquer cutting or DMM)
  • Advice on side length, vinyl size (12, 10, or 7 inches), and playback speed (e.g., 33 or 45 rpm)
  • Recommendations for the ideal track arrangement and pause times
  • Digital test pressing (including pickup simulation, system noise, crackle, and clicks)

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Based on 263 reviews
It was my first session with a professional and I have to say, I'm thrilled that someone who knows what they're doing is finally listening to my work and telling me constructively what I'm missing. Unfortunately, one hour wasn't enough, but it showed me that it works and you learn something straight away. I would recommend it to anyone who is stuck.
I can't say enough about Chris and Peak Studios! From the moment I entered the studio, I was given a warm welcome and immediately felt at home. Chris is not only incredibly professional and talented, but also very friendly and accommodating. His passion for music and commitment to the highest quality can be felt in every detail.The studio itself is superbly equipped and offers a pleasant atmosphere that encourages creativity and productivity. Chris always takes the time to listen to individual requests and make sure you are completely satisfied with the result. He has a great feel for sound and always brings out the best in every recording.Whether for professional recordings or private projects, I can highly recommend Peak Studios and Chris. Thank you, Chris, for the fantastic collaboration and the unforgettable moments in the studio. I'm looking forward to many more sessions!
Chris is extremely fast and reliable in communication and work. With Chris you can work out the perfect mix. If you want, Chris also gives valuable tips and comments. We are more than satisfied.
We recorded a song in Max's Berlin studio for our daughter's wedding. All agreements, whether by email or telephone, with the studio manager Mr. Jones or with Max, were kept reliably and very satisfactorily for us. Both treated us patiently and always in a friendly manner. Our wishes regarding the song were fulfilled to our complete satisfaction.
Great service and very nice advice. It's really fun here!
Top result! High level of specialist knowledge! Perfect communication both by phone, online and streaming. As a result, the wishes and ideas were completely implemented! Recommended!!!
Very professional and open cooperation. The tips from the mix analyzes are always accurate and valuable. We at the Treibsand DJ team are completely satisfied with the analysis and master workflows of our Balearic house tracks that come back to us from peak Studios. Thank you very much and please keep it up. Thumbs up. VGChris @Treibsand DJ
Chris did his work with a lot of joy and professionalism. I am absolutely satisfied with the mix and mastering. Effective work in a friendly atmosphere and direct communication during an online remote session. Gladly again.
Many thanks to Chris for his great work! Very pleasant contact and highly professional implementation of what was requested. Top!
Very pleasant contact, uncomplicated and effective. You feel in good hands there...
Highly professional and absolutely competent! Price-performance is more than fair and you will definitely neither be left alone nor let down with your ideas and you will always receive a few insider tips. I'm always thrilled with what Chris and his team do with my songs 😍 I'm happy to remain your loyal customer!
Very accurate and helpful mix analysis. Super professional way of working. I'm already looking forward to the master's degree.
Very good collaboration and all sound ideas were clarified and finalized in an online meeting. A very great service offered here at an absolutely fair price.
TOP! The result is outstanding, the order processing and implementation is amazingly uncomplicated, quick and the quality is completely up there! Not a single color of the really bombed-out scenes has changed in the beat and the emotion and filigree have been preserved. “Happiness” and thank you very much!
Competent, friendly and fast - what more could you want?
I had a whole album mastered by Chris and had a mix analysis done beforehand, which was worth it. This meant that problems in the mix could be eliminated in advance. The end result after mastering is magnificent. Thank you.
I produced my first own songs in my home studio over the winter and initially booked the mix analysis here. Chris, with his "fresh" ears, gave me valuable tips to polish up the sound of the songs and sharpen one thing or another. Afterwards, I entrusted him with the songs to master and got what I had dreamed of: wonderfully fat and brilliant masters of my music! Thank you for the good work and your good instinct - clear recommendation!
Very friendly contact. Mixing/mastering went super quickly and we are very happy with the result. Highly Recommended!
Very friendly service! My request was processed very quickly and easily and I was extremely pleasantly surprised by the result - any changes will be addressed... definitely recommended! The result will be available on Soundcloud 🙂
Very impressive on-site mixing training. Learned a lot, and in hindsight I had a better ear and feel for mixing. The first step is completed. Thanks
Honestly, this is so far the best mixing and mastering services I have had after years of setbacks to find great ones. This is over now because Peak studio brings me quality and professionalism. Furthermore, they also advise me to improve my project. In some way they are more than engineers, they are genius!!
We have had our songs mixed and mastered at Peakstudios since 2012! The sound and work quality is excellent! Every wish will be fulfilled. Peakstudios works efficiently and orders are processed as quickly as possible! 100% recommendation and no other online studio would be an option for us! Here's to the next 12 years :-)Chris' best man! Kind regards, Matthi
It's quick and special requests are taken into account. Price/performance is okay. So it can only be recommended.
Great professionals, maximum quality in service, rapidity and great detail with detailed explanations. 100% recommended.
I would like to thank you very much for your cooperation. The communication is great and time is taken to work together on the sound - this includes both technical and creative aspects. The Peak Studios are recommended to everyone - whether beginner, advanced or professional. Gladly again, ✍🏻.
A really, really good decision to hire this team! Very reliable and good communication. High quality in both vocal editing and mastering. Requests for changes were always responded to quickly and implemented.
First-class service, absolutely professional work and in record time! Chris is also really likeable and supported my project with a level of support that is second to none! In every respect, a high level of customer orientation and service philosophy that you rarely find today! Now I have not only received an excellent master's degree, but with the help of his mix analysis I have also received really great tips and helpful information on the subject of mixing, from which I will benefit greatly in the future! I can absolutely recommend Peak Studios and am happy to have discovered this excellent studio! Update: I have now had my third track mastered by Chris and am once again completely thrilled with the result! Simply amazing when you hear the mix that was sent for mastering in A/B comparison to the mastering from the Peak studios! The money is absolutely worth it because you simply get a result that sounds extremely good on any system, in the car, on headphones or other sound transducers! That's what I call professional! So my unreserved recommendation continues: Peak Studios 👍
It was my first production ever! Trust in the professionalism of Peak Studios had to be established with the results of their work. Now, after completing the job, I and the musicians involved are sure that we got good-sounding and professional work for the investment (stem mastering)! Thank you!
Great company with a very good service. They really take the time to advise their customers and help them achieve the best quality.
For a long time I thought about whether I should try professional mastering on my Christmas song of a different kind... Then I just did it. And I have to say: I am pleasantly surprised. The processing was really quick and the result was really impressive. This definitely won't be the last time I choose Peak Studios!
I am absolutely satisfied with the result (stem mastering). Communication was also top. Thank you!
Fast, high quality and very competent. Will come again!
Chris is a super nice guy. I took two online lessons with him to get feedback and tips on my songs. Helped me a lot! I'll probably have one or two songs mastered here in the future. I'm looking forward to the results.
Very quick, uncomplicated and professional. Top!
Fast response, fast processing time and the most important thing at the end: “Very good result”. Thank you Chris!
I had online mixing lessons with Chris. He knows what he's doing and conveys his knowledge competently and friendly. He addresses my questions, brings his own insights that are helpful for the topic. It was educational, fun and, above all, my mix has improves significantly. :) Would love to do it again soon!
I received both detailed mix feedback and an analog mastering for my EDM track from Chris. The combination of the mix feedback and my subsequent adjustments worked wonders, and Chris's mastering gave the track a truly fantastic finish. I am extremely satisfied and will happily use the service again soon!
I had the opportunity to visit Chris at his Peak Studios for a lesson and bombarded him with my questions. As a beginner, his tips and recommendations were a great help to me and I was able to gain a lot of valuable input in a short time. Chris responds to inquiries very quickly and reliably, he knows exactly what he is doing and shares his experience on a level playing field. Thank you for that Insights into your work! That was a lot of fun, and I'd love to do it again!
First-class quality with impressive working speed! A big movie theater! Communication also went smoothly and quickly. I am absolutely thrilled and would do it again at any time. The price is also completely reasonable! Thank you!!
Chris answers quickly and the mastering was completed within 2 days. I can highly recommend it for those who need good performance in a short time for a good price.
For the first time, I had online mastering done for 2 songs for a vinyl single. The result is fantastic. I can only recommend Peak Studios. Chris always responded very quickly to change requests. Communication over the phone was always very pleasant. Looking forward to the next vinyl project. Regards, Francisco.
Chris and his team did a great job from the beginning till the end.They answered emails really fast (also on Sunday!). We asked for a test version (which its costs were subtracted from the end price!). He made some improvements, and conveyed perfectly with our taste.We are really satisfied with the final versions of our songs. We're coming back soon!Audio fever
I'm very glad I chose Chris and Peak Studios. Initially, Chris provided me with a comprehensive mix analysis, laying the foundation for a significantly improved mix. Then, in stem mastering, he brought our new song to a level that simply brings joy to everyone listening. Thank you very much for the great collaboration, and until next time!
Chris Jones CEO of Peak Studios

Listen to the Result before Production in the Pressing Plant

We are proud to be one of the few recording studios specifically trained and certified to use specifically trained and certified and simulation software that provides us with a preview of the final vinyl product during the mastering process. This software allows us to simulate the sound in conjunction with various pickups and turntables, offering significant advantages .

Precision before Production

Unlike traditional test pressing on copper foil, our software allows for a more accurate representation of how your album will sound on vinyl. Copper foil, due to its material characteristics, is less flexible than vinyl and can exhibit sound differences compared to the lacquer cutting process (the finished record).

Clear Metrics

Our simulation software provides comprehensive information on relevant metrics such as groove space and stylus excursion. This makes it easier to precisely calculate and plan the cut for the engraving or embossing of your vinyl record.


Do you want to start your own successful project? 

Vinyl Mastering Prices

Pricing for vinyl mastering is an important consideration when choosing the right mastering studio, especially when it comes to a specialized area like vinyl mastering. Therefore, we have tried to make this as transparent as possible . For larger projects, we are happy to offer generous discounts !

Vinyl mastering costs

Mastering specially made for vinyl pressing. Playback in the highest vinyl master quality.
from 60 per song *
  • Manufacture according to the guidelines of the press shop.
  • 2 revision versions included.

Vinyl Stem Mastering Costs

Mastering of subgroups. Stem mastering allows for a more in-depth processing of your audio masterial.
from 40 per stem **
  • Analog mastering of subgroups.
  • 2 revision versions included.

Vinyl mixing costs

Our vinyl online mixing guarantees an analogue sound experience with a unique New York sound.
from 120 per song *
  • Analog mixing of a stereo mixdown.
  • 2 revision versions included.

*Stereo mastering = 1 stereo track. When uploading multiple group tracks, the vinyl stem mastering is automatically booked.
** at least 2 stems

Prices include VAT


In our free mix analysis you can find out whether your track can be refined for vinyl mastering.

From Vinyl Mastering to the Finished Record

Our service goes beyond just vinyl mastering: If we know the pressing plant, we closely collaborate with the cutting studio before and during mastering to ensure the best possible translation of audio data onto vinyl .

If needed, we can also connect you with certified pressing plants that handle the production of your records after mastering. We aim to pave the complete path to perfect vinyl records for you.


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Step 3 - Upload, project description, data entry

In the next step, you have the choice of uploading your audio files directly , or requesting a quote. If you decide to upload later, you will receive a separate upload link after booking. a separate upload link.

Help and information

If you have any questions about data delivery or the production process, you can find all the information you need in our FAQ section.

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Based on 263 reviews

Our vinyl mastering customers

Connie Conrad
I have been working with Chris for many years. His mastering stands out from other mastering studios because he feels the mood and musical style of the tracks, rather than focusing on extreme loudness in the loudness war. His sensitive mixing and mastering skills are rare to find on this planet!
Marco Matic

Top mixing and mastering studio! The boss, Chris, is super friendly and accommodated all my special requests... excellent results. I can highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of the music genre!

Frank Rest
Great work done in a short amount of time. Quick response time in communication, immediate assistance with questions. Excellent audio mastering, and a very fair price. I'll gladly work with Chris again on the next project. Everything went smoothly! Thank you very much, Chris!

Vinyl Mastering FAQ

Some believe that you need to create two separate masters for vinyl and digital release . This isn't necessary if you avoid excessive loudness through hyper-compression or excessive brilliance in the highs, as is common today. The track would sound wonderful on a vinyl record, and there would be no need to create two different masters for your music. However, in today's digital age, this practice is often followed.

Therefore, it usually makes sense to create an additional master for vinyl (vinyl mastering) because it is often not as sharp in the highs, and several other crucial factors, such as stereo width, dynamics, and loudness, significantly influence where the track sits best on the record. In our mastering tips, there are some things to consider when online mastering for a vinyl record to achieve a good sound for your music.

The mono-compatibility is particularly important when it comes to vinyl. Loud sounds with strong attack times can be problematic, and if exaggerated, they can cause the needle to skip. On the other hand, strings and pad sounds should receive less emphasis in the vinyl master. The goal is to have a strong mono center, starting at around 300 Hz and below. This doesn't mean that everything must be in mono, but rather, more attention should be paid to this aspect because excessive stereo width can lead to a high stylus excursion. This not only affects the cutting level but also the groove space usage.

In vinyl mastering, it's essential to remove or reduce stereo information in the bass region to achieve a rich and central low-end sound and avoid needle skipping on the record. Since the track should breathe, compression should be used carefully. The goal is to gently attenuate only the peaks with a low threshold value, rather than turning the entire song into a dynamic uniformity.

A track intended for vinyl release should maintain a certain level of dynamics to sound good and clean on a record. The approach may vary depending on the genre and the song itself. It's important to avoid processors that add overtones, such as an exciter, which can make the record sound "shrill" When it comes to vinyl mastering, special attention should be paid to high frequencies (S-sounds). If no precautions are taken, they can become either "muddy" or too "sharp". These considerations arise due to the nature of vinyl production.


In EQ'ing, I apply a low-cut filter at around 40Hz to minimize any potential rumble on the record. A high-cut filter is used to limit the upper frequencies. For vinyl mastering, 17kHz is a good starting point because a record may not faithfully reproduce frequencies beyond that range. Experiment with different filter slopes to achieve a very gentle roll-off With a gentle roll-off (e.g., 6 dB or a maximum of 12 dB/octave slope), you can set your high-cut EQ for vinyl mastering at 15 kHz.

In the case of "Half-Speed Vinyl Mastering" using the lacquer cutting process , it's even possible to reproduce a frequency response up to 25kHz. This is because it operates at 16 2/3RPM instead of the standard XNUMX XNUMX/XNUMX RPM. The advantage of this approach is that it significantly improves the precision of transferring all information during vinyl mastering. As a result, you have fewer distortions , better transient response, and benefit from greater dynamic range.


As mentioned earlier, S-sounds can make a record sound "shrill". To avoid this, I'll describe two approaches:

  1. Using the bandpass filter of a de-esser, we search for the "sharp" frequency, which can range between 3-10 kHz (depending on the song). Afterward, you carefully adjust the de-esser. This should be done with sensitivity to avoid attenuating too much of the specific frequency. It always depends on the song, so it's difficult to provide exact values. This is a technique  used not only in vinyl masteringbut can be particularly important here to ensure a clean sound on the record. For the pros: Adjust the octave above the centre frequency accordingly. 
  2. An alternative approach is to use an EQ. With the EQ, we also search for the specific frequency and make a narrow cut (high Q-value) of -1 to 5 dB. This will affect the entire track's tonal colour, which can be intentional. There is NEVER  one perfect solution.


Stereo information  in the bass region is not only removed for vinyl mastering, but it's essentialto prevent needle skipping. It sounds better overall when the bass is more central. To achieve this, you can use a high-pass filter to remove low frequencies from the side signal. This can theoretically be accomplished with any audio processor that has a mono bass control .

When using Compressors in vinyl mastering, caution is advised. The track should be allowed to breathe. Low ratio values are used (1,1:1 – 1,6:1). The threshold value is kept low to prevent the compressor from gripping too strongly and to only gently attenuate the peaks. M/S compression is also a suitable option, allowing the side signal to be processed separately from the mono signal. Lastly, the track order on the record should be determined. The closer you get to the centre of a record, the worse the representation of high frequencies and their transientsbecomes. Therefore, the track with the most "Brilliance" should be placed at the beginning.

Brilliance , in our context, refers to the addition of high frequencies in the range of approximately 6-20 kHz, a process that is relevant in vinyl mastering. It's crucial to avoid large level jumps and extreme energy weighting in the upper kHz range in the mix because, due to the manufacturing process, cutting, and the nature of vinyl, this can lead to the pressing plant rejecting the production. Even worse, it can cause the record or the needle on the record to start skipping, and your music won't sound good. This can be mitigated by aiming for lower overall loudness levels - , typically between -12 and -20 LUFS (but please don't hold us to these exact values). Of course, you can press "loud" songs on vinyl, but this often involves compromises in terms of resolution, groove space usage, and cutting level.

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