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Analysis of the mixdown, output in the desired format and optimization for streaming, CD or vinyl.

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A test mastering (Stereo eMaster) is possible at Peak Studios in just a few steps. If your mix isn't good enough we are happy to advise you and give you the necessary ones Mixing Tipsto improve your song.

The test master costs €10 from us. If you later purchase the full version, the amount will be credited.


Jurgen Landes
Great service! sent our mix to be checked + had test masters done. Immediately received a 17-minute mix review and test master, 2 longer valuable phone calls, immediately received an update from the test master... Competent and recommendable. Came across Peak Studios via an exemplary website... The fact that we now want to lend a hand with the mastering has to do with the fact that we have concrete ideas about how it should sound, basically what the mix already does 90% of the time without losing all the important details during compression... Was an important step for us with a good partner. There are plenty of offers for test mastering on the net, we can absolutely recommend this.
Sub SoNice
Very good service!! Responded super fast and in great detail to an inquiry!! Goes into the depth of the topic and guides you on the right path with tips. It will definitely remain my first address for advice and action. Supplement from October 4.10.2019th, XNUMX I needed the advice of a professional again to shed light on my own actions and actions. And once again everything was fast, uncomplicated and, above all, a detailed, detailed answer. When I'm ready, I'll have my tracks mastered by him. Here you are in good hands!
I can only recommend it 💪🏼 -Top service -Very fast processing -Mega result 🔥 And at these prices, nobody can keep up in this quality class Top top top I'm looking forward to continuing to work together 💪🏼 Greetings MAG ✌🏼


A trail mastering is recommended for anyone who does not yet know how to do it Song should sound at the end, or for those who know exactly where they want to go in terms of sound technology, but are still looking for a suitable mastering studio that can implement these ideas and wishes.

A test master makes it possible to compare the individual ones Mastering studios. This is particularly advisable if something fundamental has changed in the previous production. This can be, for example, the following: Recording in another Studio, Replacement of hardware or fundamental changes in the mix.

Frequency response and a balanced sound are particularly important in audio mastering. The loudness should also be checked. Depending on whether you are Song required for upload to streaming services such as YouTube, ITunes or Spotify, or for pressing a CD. Different loudness guidelines apply in both cases. Likewise, one should Mono compatibility not to be disregarded. Especially on playback devices such as smartphones, the mono center is of decisive importance whether the song sounds "powerful" or rather "slack". Voice, as well as bass and main sample, should be clearly perceptible in the middle.

In the Mastering costs the prices can vary greatly from mastering studio to mastering studio. Indicators for this include the Equipment of the studio, References, studio location (in which country), length of the song and actual workload. As a rule, the prices for a stereo move mastering in Germany between 50 and 150 euros net. At a Stem-, Vinyl- or streaming mastering the prices may increase again depending on the complexity.


In our mix analysis you will find out whether your song can be refined in analogue form.


Our test mastering costs 10 euros. If you like the trial version, you can choose one of the three masterings and get the 10 euros credited back when you buy it.


Our audio online mastering guarantees an analogue sound experience with a unique New York sound.
85 per song
  • Analog mastering of a stereo mixdown.
  • 2 change versions included.


Our audio online mastering guarantees digital mastering with a unique New York sound.
60 per song
  • Digital mastering of a stereo mixdown.
  • 2 change versions included.


Digital or analog mastering of subgroups for ideal balance. Quality increase of up to 30%.
from 40 per stem
  • Stem mastering of up to 6 stems.
  • 2 change versions included.
* Stereo mastering = 1 stereo track. When uploading several group tracks, the stem mastering is booked automatically. ** at least 2 stems prices include VAT.

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