Uniform quality

Streaming master for all platforms in the highest quality with final control of all codecs for your song.

Ideal loudness

Streaming-Mastering mit konkurrenzfähiger Klangqualität für Deinen Song und für alle Streaming-Anbieter.

Personal advice

We clarify all questions about streaming mastering and help with the preparation for the upload

Ob Mastering for iTunes, mastering for Spotify, mastering for YouTube oder Streaming-Mastering für andere Dienste. Analog trifft auf digital und die Anzahl der Songs, die auf den Portalen veröffentlicht werden, nimmt stetig zu. Dabei hat jedes Portal seine eigenen Spezifikationen, die nur schwer zu durchschauen sind.

Streaming mastering FAQ

Streaming mastering is mastering that is specially created to meet the requirements for streaming services such as Itunes, YouTube, Spotify, or Amazon Music. Particularly important when mastering for streaming services are factors such as output format (e.g. wave, aiff, acc), normalization (loudness, normalization), Loudness (LU or LUfs), HeadroomTrue peak (TP or TPfs), Sample rate (khz) and Bit depth (bit). After the upload at the respective streaming provider, the uploaded song is checked for various specifications and parameters are stored using a tag (digital label) and converted into various formats and streaming rates so that your music is available to all users in the best possible quality.

This basically applies to a CD master Output format of 16 bit and 44,1 kHz sample rate.  Mastering for streaming services the specifications vary from provider to provider, as the uploaded music titles are converted into a wide variety of formats. This allows you to play your songs on different devices.

Another difference, which makes the mastered song for the streaming platforms, is the loudness. A CD master usually moves in the range from -10 LUfs to -6 LUfs. Thus, a streaming master is around 3 to 7 lufs QUIETER than the mastered CD version.

Therefore, Peak Studios is the perfect partner when it comes to mastering a special streaming version for iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music or Soundcloud. We have the necessary specialist knowledge as well as software and hardware and know the specifications of the respective providers in order to be able to produce an ideal version for the streaming services. We can also check the titles for changes after the streaming services have been converted, so that an ideal sound experience can always be expected.

Further information regarding the exact specifications of streaming services can be found in our blog area including a free PDF sheet for download.



Die Preise für Streaming Mastering sind immer ein wichtiges Kriterium bei der Wahl des Mastering Studios, vor allem für Künstler mit begrenztem Budget. Deshalb haben wir uns bemüht, diese so transparent wie möglich zu gestalten. Bei größeren Projekten gewähren wir gerne großzügige Rabatte!


Especially for streaming services like Spotify and co. Bookable as stereo or alternatively as stem mastering.
from 40 per stem **
  • Manufacture according to the guidelines of the provider.
  • 2 change versions included.


Our audio online mastering especially for streaming guarantees an analog sound experience with unique New York sound.
from 120 per song *
  • Analog mixing & mastering as a stereo mix
  • 2 change versions included.


Mastering of subgroups. Stem mastering enables deeper editing of your audio masterial.
from 40 per stem **
  • Analog or digital mastering of subgroups.
  • 2 change versions included.

*Stereo mastering = 1 stereo track. When uploading multiple group tracks, streaming stem mastering is automatically booked.
** at least 2 stems

Prices include VAT


Connie Conrad
I've been working with Chris for years. In contrast to other mastering studios, his mastering is characterized by the fact that he feels the mood and the musical style of the tracks and does not focus on extreme drones in the loudness war. His sensitive mixing and mastering is rarely found on this planet!
Marco Matic

Top mixing and mastering studio! the boss Chris is super friendly and responded to all my special requests...great result. I can only recommend it to matter what genre of music!

frank rest
Great job in a short amount of time. Fast response time in communication, immediate help with questions. Great audio mastering, super fair price. Gladly again for the next project. Everything smooth! Thank you Chris!