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Online Mastering seit 2006 mit analogem Hi-End Outboard und einwandfreier Akustik mastern und restaurieren wir Deinen Song!

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Online-Mastering in über 50 Ländern und weit über 30.000 Produktionen sowie mehrfache Chartplatzierungen.

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Unsere Online Mastering Engineers stehen Dir persönlich zur Verfügung und beraten Dich in allen wichtigen Fragen.

Ob Stereo-, Stem- or Vinyl mastering. Beim professionellen Mastering ist ein gutes Gehör unerlässlich, um den perfekten Klang der Musik zu erkennen. Das Verstehen von Messwerten im Metering und der Umgang mit verschiedensten Dateiformaten wie MP3, Wave, Flac, Aiff etc. ist ein weiterer wichtiger Aspekt beim Online Mastering im Mastering Studio.


Wir verfügen über mehrere Hi-End-Referenz-Studiomonitore, z.B. den Linemaster von KS-Digital sowie von Dutch & Dutch 8c. Damit können wir alle Fehler in Mix, Panorama oder Tiefenstaffelung eines Tracks ausfindig machen und beheben.


  • Unsere Online Mastering Erfahrung der letzten 17 Jahre mit über 30.000 gemasterten Songs bringen wir gerne in Deinen Song ein!
  • We master your track with you analogue outboard equipment und sorgen für einen ausgewogenen, dynamischen Mix mit Punch, Tiefe und Detailtransparenz in allen Frequenzbereichen Deiner Musik!
  • Our acoustics mastering studio is optimized according to RT60 (standard for reverberation time).
  • The frequency response meets all Standards for mastering studios and is at an octave band smoothing of 1/12th at one Peak-to-peak ratio of average. 2db.



Pop music is simple, yet very diverse in its genres.


Die in den 50er Jahren entstandene Popmusik lebt von klaren Klängen und einer eingängigen Melodie mit meist 4, seltener 3 Akkorden. Akkordfolgen, Harmonien und Songaufbau sind oft gleich. Popmusik spricht ein breites Publikum an und so ist es auch hier wichtig, einen Sound zu produzieren, der die breite Masse anspricht. Gerade in der Popmusik sind die Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten sehr vielfältig.


Pop = populär! Deswegen ist im online Mastering von Popularer Musik und entsprechenden Audio Files besonders auf die aktuelle Songgestaltung im Hinblick auf Frequenzbild, Lautheit oder Grundklang zu achten. Nenne uns gerne Deine Referenztitel und wir setzen Dein Projekt, nach Deinen Vorstellungen, gemeinsam um und liefern Ihnen Ihr gewünschtes Online Mastering*. Durch spezielle Tools im Online-Mastering ermitteln und mastern wir Deine Songs perfekt für alle Streaming provider.

* As long as the source material allows it, of course.

Due to our high level of expertise in Rock Online Mastering, we have provided detailed information on an extra page. Here you go to rock mastering.

The Metal Online mastering chain in the studio should be designed in such a way that it makes it possible to create a loud and transient-rich metal song. Heavy metal music in particular requires a high level of compression and loudness. Coupled with drums rich in transients and a decent wall of guitars, this makes for the ideal metal sound.

Are the sub-genres of Metal mastered differently?

Basically you work in all genres in metal very similar. Some level of compression and pronounced guitars are necessary in all subcategories. However, the sound varies significantly from band to band and from subgenre to subgenre. Here it applies before the online Metal mastering setting the necessary course in the mixdown and working with compression staging. Alternatively, it is also possible to divide the metal track into subgroups and create a so-called metal stem mastering. Here you could, for example, divide the track into the following subgroups:

  • Drums
  • Gitarren
  • Vocals
  • Key
  • EFX

Due to our high level of expertise in EDM online mastering, we have provided detailed information on an extra page. Here you go to EDM mastering.

Online mastering of beats and rap vocals

Hip-hop has long since made its way back into modern pop music. Whether German hip-hop, old school or new school, they are all played on the radio.

Origin and history of hip hop

Hip hop has its roots in black funk and soul music, which originated in the black ghettos of the USA. Characteristic of this style of music are rap (singing), sampling and scratching.

Hip-hop is not only a music genre, but also a culture characterized by rap, DJing, breakdance, graffiti and beatboxing.

There are now their own hip hop charts and numerous hip hop events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The legendary Hip Hop Kemp takes place every year in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our many years of experience in editing vocals, we enable the right sound of the music in hip-hop online mastering, even for difficult vocal recordings.


Trap is a subgenre of hip hop and originated in the southern states of America in the 90s. Trap hip hop emerged from hip hop music's treatment of drug trafficking. Trap hip-hop is characterized by sluggish deep bass and fast hi-hats in the beat. One of the pioneers of trap music is the rapper TI with his album "Trap Muzik" which was released in 2003. Since 2015, trap music has also been increasingly used in German hip hop. Artists like Mo-Trip, Rin, Capital Bra or Gzuz diligently use trap hip-hop and its vocal sound. The artist "Gozpel" also brought out a trap-heavy album with the album "Symphatoz", which was distributed by Universal Music and mastered by Peak Studios.

Opportunities for editing hip-hop and rap

Hip-hop in particular thrives on a pronounced bass range and pounding drums. Therefore a good one Hip hop and rap mixing Prerequisite for subsequent mastering. Thanks to our many years of experience with artists from all over the world, we can implement your projects or your master perfectly! It doesn't matter whether it's 90s old school hip hop, dirty south, crunk, trap or new school, with online mixing and mastering from Peak Studios we achieve the perfect sound for your hip hop production.

In our Blog area you will find mixing tips on the topic Record vocals so that you can also achieve the next production of your hip-hop track with a good sound.

The biggest problems with mastering hip-hop, trap and rap

Clearly, the kick / bass area. Most of the time, the artists don't have any single tracks of the beats, or the whole song has already been extremely heavily compressed, so that it is difficult to bring the vocals into harmony with the instrumental. Also due to the difficult acoustic requirements in the recording of rap vocals or a clean reproduction of low frequencies in the beat, the problem and susceptibility to errors is quite high.

In our mastering studios we have acoustically measured and planned rooms with excellent imaging in the low frequencies. So we can get the most out of this track.

Dubstep, a music genre that originated largely in England, is commonly associated with names such as Skillrex, Knife Party, Nero, Caspa, etc. If you haven't heard of dubstep and want to get an impression, you should listen to the track Night Shine by Exicision and The Frim or simply look for dubstep mixes in Soundcloud or Beatport:

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In the around 140 BPM (Beats per minute) fast dubstep beats, elements of the most diverse musical styles can be found. For example drum and bass, jungle, dub, reggae, electro, hip-hop. Genre subdivisions are e.g. Chillstep, Brostep, Darkstep, Melodic Dubstep etc.

The minimalist style of music thrives on deep, powerful and dominant basslines in connection with vocal shouts / vocal phrases and targeted highlights such as arp sounds or short melodic breaks. The most distinctive trademark for this genre are the so-called wobble basses. These consist of the interaction of different oscillators such as a sawtooth shape for dominance (Overtones) and a sine wave for the necessary pressure.


For this purpose, a low-pass filter is switched, which is responsible for setting the cutoff frequency between low and high frequencies - this is done with the so-called cutoff controller. Through an LFO Low frequency oscillator the wobble oscillations can then be generated. The drums in dubstep are played in a 4/4 time half-step = that means the drums run at a speed of 140 BPM for a 70BPM song.

We recommend when delivering Dubstep songs to master an output level of -6db (fs). Like a house or an essential Mix. If you are not sure about the sound, we recommend ours Mix analysis.


The Mastering classical music First of all, it is important to distinguish what the desired end result should sound like. There are stylistic differences in the respective age.

Classic mastering - pop or classic?

The difference between the "classic" and the "pop version" lies both in the restricted dynamic range of the pop version and in the frequency range that is more bass emphasized. Depending on the intended use, it should therefore first be discussed which goal is to be achieved with your project so that we can get the best out of your piece or your recordings in the online master.

Classical music editing options

Classical music in particular lives from dynamism, which the players have been practicing for for years, as well as from the honest and harmonious sound of the instruments among each other. We make sure that 'piano' piano and 'mezzoforte' really only remain mezzo forte and reproduce the dynamics in the best possible way.


Regardless of whether your piece of music is the setting of a wind trio, string quartets or a big band, our specialist staff at Peak Studios is the right place to go when it comes to classical mastering. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can implement your projects perfectly! Are you unsure about the miking, the panorama distribution or the room acoustics? We'll help you! Regardless of whether you prefer the classic variant for enjoyment in the living room at home, or you would like to use your piece for a film project and prefer the "pop variant", we will be happy to support you with the implementation and are available to answer any questions you may have about audio production Disposal.

Schlager music is and has always been very present in German history. It almost doesn't matter whether it is the old-fashioned hit or a modern hit. They play hits everywhere!


Schlager is derived from the term "strike" and is often compared to a lightning strike because of its resounding success. Schlager is characterized by simple rhythms and melody sequences that ensure quick recognition, as well as humorous or sentimental texts. Thus, the hit is a catchy tune, a popular song.

For a long time, this successful music genre was underestimated in Germany, but is now successfully returning to the charts in the days of Helene Fischer, Andreas Gabalier and many other newcomers.

In the meantime, it has become common to include rhythms and synthesizers from the electro-pop and EDM areas in order to reach a wide audience. Regardless of whether your hit production is a gentle love ballad or an upbeat that stimulates dancing and singing along, we will always find the right sound for you to offer your listeners the best possible sound experience.

Schlager mastering at Peak Studios

Thanks to years of experience in mastering and thanks to the appropriate equipment, our team is the right contact when it comes to optimizing your music project.

Our Schlager online mastering sounds completely in the spirit of the current German hit productions. Accurate and clear sound, as well as good speech intelligibility are the characteristics here. We are also happy to map the desired loudness of current hit productions for you in your hit song so that your song can find its place in the genre playlists of the major streaming service providers as well as on the radio without any complaints. Especially in Schlager music, the wide and full side signals are very distinctive for the style and decisive for the success of your work. Here, too, we provide the ideal Schlager sound with analog M / S (mid-sid signals) compression and detailed equalizing.


Online mastering refers to that mastering of pieces of music, which is carried out via the Internet. With online mastering, the pieces of music are usually edited by a professional mastering engineer who has the necessary knowledge and skills to optimize them.

Die Musikstücke werden in digitaler Form eingereicht und vom Mastering-Engineer bearbeitet.

Online-Mastering ist eine bequeme Art, Musikstücke zu mastern, da sie nicht in ein Tonstudio gebracht werden müssen. Es ist jedoch wichtig, einen professionellen Mastering-Engineer zu wählen, der über die notwendigen Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten verfügt, um das Musikstück bestmöglich zu optimieren.

Basic work in online mastering

Become a master online final inconsistencies in the sound and dynamics of the music to give the track or album the finishing touch in sound.

For example, clicks or noises that have crept in eliminated or reduced, frequency ranges adjusted and the level of a song balanced, masked instruments due to a poor mix made audible again.

Depending on the quality of the delivered mix of the track changes in the stereo image performed. So the sound of the song becomes one balanced spatiality and more depth to help. For example, the unwanted resonance frequencies of a guitar in the song significantly reduced .

Tools in online mastering:

  • Equalizer: Optimizing the frequency spectrum and emphasizing/suppressing desired or undesired frequencies in order to ensure a balanced bandwidth in the sound or sound
  • Compressors: Attenuation of unwanted signals and reduction of excessive dynamics for an exciting and balanced sound experience
  • Limit: Dynamics accentuation and emphasizing weak signals in the audio, due to over-compressed tracks to create a varied dynamic curve
  • Expander: Broadening the stereo image to create a spaciousness that suits the atmosphere of the song

So said Musikhaus Thomann in your Audio Professional blog:

"Peak Studios - One of the top addresses in the republic!"

4th best online mastering studio 2018 in Europe

MusicToday.Eu tested Europe's Online Mastering Studios 2018. Peak Studios was able to secure 4th place.

In the master process, the Mastering engineer usually a mix of the track is delivered as a stereo file, which is then transferred to his DAW (Digital audio workstation) pulls. Here he gets one first Overview of the sound, as well as the technical and musical condition of the song.

After the first assessment of the audio material, this freed from technical errors and unwanted frequencies to follow the Dynamic reduction, if necessary, to be carried out in order to arrive at a competitive loudness.

After the dynamics have been adjusted, the material is subjected to musical processing, which ensures that subjective perceptions of individual elements or passages get their own sound character. This can be done with tube devices or other special hardware or software. "Saturation“Is for example one of the different stylistic devices around a musical mastering carried out.

Beim Online Mastering handelt es sich NICHT um ein „Instant Music Mastering“ wie bei Landr, Emasterd oder anderen Anbietern. Diese Instant Anbieter, die mit Hilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz und einem Softwarealgorithmus den Track innerhalb weniger Minuten bearbeiten und zur Verfügung stellen, haben mit unserem Service nichts zu tun.

Bei Peak-Studios wird jeder Track als Wav in unserem Studio angehört und auf Wunsch mit analoger Hard- und Software bearbeitet.

Der Unterschied zwischen Online-Mastering und AI-Mastering liegt in der Art und Weise, wie das Mastering durchgeführt wird. Beim Online-Mastering wird das Musikstück von einem professionellen Mastering-Engineer bearbeitet, während beim AI-Mastering das Mastering mit Hilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) durchgeführt wird. Dazu wird das Musikstück in digitaler Form eingereicht und von einem AI-System analysiert, das die für das Mastering notwendigen Einstellungen automatisch vornimmt.

Das AI-System verwendet eine Vielzahl von Algorithmen und lernfähigen Daten, um das Musikstück zu optimieren.

In contrast to analogue mastering, digital mastering is only processed “in the box” – i.e. on the computer. No external hardware devices are used here. A digital master is created with the help of plugins.

Digital mastering refers to the mastering of pieces of music in digital form. Digital mastering is often used to prepare pieces of music for release in digital formats such as MP3, WAV or AIFF.

Digital mastering usually involves the same steps as analog mastering.

This includes, for example, taking into account specific loudness standards that are used for digital music formats to normalize the volume of pieces of music.

No matter whether digital mastering or analogue. The premises and the tasks of the engineer remain the same to create a digital master. Only the resources change.

It is generally not recommended to mix and master at the same time, as both processes have different goals.

Mixing involves processing the individual tracks of a piece of music in order to create a balanced and interesting soundscape. This includes, for example, adjusting the volume, panning and EQ of the individual tracks.

Mastering, on the other hand, involves optimizing the sound and volume of the entire piece of music for release.

Because mixing is a track-by-track approach, while mastering is a track-by-track approach, it's usually better to finish mixing first and then move on to mastering. This gives you the opportunity to thoroughly analyze the piece of music and make the necessary settings to optimize it as best as possible. However, it is important to follow common practices and recommendations to get the best possible result.

The Apple digital master is a special file format which is used exclusively for Apple services such as iTunes. AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) is a special format which enables Apple to deliver digital files to the listener in particularly good quality.

To create an Apple digital master, Apple provides software that can be used to create a digital master for Apple. It is particularly worth mentioning that Apple digital master is a so-called Apple
Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC
) which, as the name suggests, can be played back to the listener without any loss of quality – i.e. without any loss of quality in the coding.

CD Mastering bezieht sich auf das Mastering von Musikstücken, die speziell für die Veröffentlichung auf CD optimiert wurden. Beim CD Mastering wird das Musikstück bearbeitet, um es für die Veröffentlichung auf CD vorzubereiten.

Das CD-Mastering umfasst in der Regel die gleichen Schritte wie das Mastering im Tonstudio oder das Online-Mastering, wie z. B. die Optimierung des Stereobildes, die Korrektur von Frequenzunausgewogenheiten, die Lautstärkeoptimierung und die Anwendung von Limiting und Kompression. Beim CD-Mastering werden jedoch spezielle Einstellungen vorgenommen, um das Musikstück für die Veröffentlichung auf CD optimal klingen zu lassen.

Dazu gehört beispielsweise die Berücksichtigung spezieller Loudness-Standards, die für CDs verwendet werden, um die Lautstärke der Musikstücke zu normalisieren. Auch die Verwendung spezieller EQ-Einstellungen und Kompressionstechniken, die für die Veröffentlichung auf CD geeignet sind, werden beim CD-Mastering berücksichtigt.

Das CD-Mastering ist wichtig, da es sicherstellt, dass das Musikstück eine hohe Qualität aufweist und für die Veröffentlichung auf CD vorbereitet ist. Es wird in der Regel von professionellen Mastering-Engineers durchgeführt, die über die notwendigen Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten verfügen, um das Musikstück bestmöglich zu optimieren.

As a rule, the condensed stereo track becomes a track (mixdown or mix) of the Mastering Engineer edited. However, there are different ways to get to your desired destination. Another variant is that Stem mastering, in which the song is initially divided into several partial mixes (Subgroups) how individual instrument groups, vocal groups and rhythm groups are divided up and then edited in the mastering studio.

Auf diese Weise erhält der Mastering-Engineer im Tonstudio einen detaillierten Überblick über die Struktur des Songs im Mix und eine bessere Kontrolle über das Verhältnis der verschiedenen Komponenten und Parameter des Songs (Gesang, Hauptinstrumente und Rhythmus). Ein weiterer Vorteil des so genannten Stem Mastering ist die Möglichkeit, eine Instrumental- und eine Performance-Version des Tracks zu erstellen, die als zusätzlicher Bonus veröffentlicht oder für Live-Auftritte verwendet werden können. Der Qualitätsunterschied kann sich also sehr positiv auf den Sound auswirken.

An eMastering (online mastering) in the Mastering Studio (emastered) is suitable for everyone who values ​​good sound quality.

Regardless of whether your digitized records, songs that have already been mastered or their audio files have errors or defects. It is important that projects not only sound good on stereo speaker systems, but also on mono devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Peak Studios is the right contact for all matters relating to sound engineering and audio masters.

Ein professionelles Online-Track-Mastering sollte auch der Künstler in Anspruch nehmen, der NICHT möchte, dass Dienstleister wie Emastered, AI-Mastering oder Landr den Titel mittels Algorithmen ohne jegliche menschliche Emotionen bearbeiten. Die emotionale Massage, die lange Zeit versucht wurde im Mix richtig darzustellen, wird bei einem automatisierten Mastering Service nicht berücksichtigt. Die Algorythmen analysieren Dynamik, Frequenzgang und Lautstärke. Anhand dieser Werte passen sie den Track entsprechend an. Egal, worum es in dem Track geht!


Die Preise für Online Mastering sind immer ein wichtiges Kriterium bei der Wahl des richtigen Online Mastering Studios, vor allem für Künstler mit begrenztem Budget. Deshalb haben wir versucht, die Preise so transparent wie möglich zu gestalten.


Our audio online mastering guarantees an analogue sound experience with a unique New York sound.
85 per song *
  • Analog mastering of a stereo mixdown.
  • 2 change versions included.


Digital online mastering with New York sound with balanced frequency response and maximum price/performance ratio.
60 per song *
  • Analog mastering of a stereo mixdown.
  • 2 change versions included.


Analog / digital mastering of subgroups. Stem mastering allows for better editing of your track.
from 40 per stem **
  • Analog mastering of subgroups.
  • 2 change versions included.
* Stereo mastering = 1 stereo track. When uploading several group tracks, the stem mastering is booked automatically. ** at least 2 stems prices include VAT.


Connie Conrad
I've been working with Chris for years. In contrast to other mastering studios, his mastering is characterized by the fact that he feels the mood and the musical style of the tracks and does not focus on extreme drones in the loudness war. His sensitive mixing and mastering is rarely found on this planet!
Marco Matic

Top mixing and mastering studio! the boss Chris is super friendly and responded to all my special requests...great result. I can only recommend it to matter what genre of music!

frank rest
Great job in a short amount of time. Fast response time in communication, immediate help with questions. Great audio mastering, super fair price. Gladly again for the next project. Everything smooth! Thank you Chris!