Live performance - tips for your gig

The most important tips and tricks for the live performance

The most important points for the live performance!

  • The most important thing for a live performance is probably the preparation, that you routinely know your lyrics by heart and can concentrate fully on the moment and the performance during the gig. In addition, the routine reduces the risk of blackouts or text hangs. You also feel safer and have less stage fright.
  • One or the other can counteract stage fright with a little alcohol, but this can also lead to a spongy performance. And if you've had too much of a beer or schnapps, it can quickly become embarrassing.

Back to the rehearsal. You have to decide for yourself how often you should do this beforehand, depending on how safe you feel. But you shouldn't forget that there is a completely different atmosphere and higher pressure on stage than in the rehearsal room and a lot of things can happen that might get you out and that you hadn't expected before.

The condition and condition of the artist are also very important for a performance.

It is better not to go on a party tour the evening before until early in the morning if you want to perform well that evening, especially not if it is paid for, otherwise the organizers and the audience will feel ripped off and you will cut into “your own meat” with it, because you will definitely not be booked there again and something like that gets around quickly. It is of course even more important to pay attention to your condition if you are in poor health or ill, so you should take care of yourself even more. Otherwise it can quickly happen that after a few songs you run out of breath or your voice fails. Fortunately, there are some remedies that can help, for example "ginger", which often works wonders with such problems. During the gig you really only have to pay attention to the performance and that you harmonize well with your bandmates. It is also important that you don’t make fun of the audience by making fun of them arrogantly or by constantly complaining that the mood is not in the way you want it to be. Just make the best of the situation, no matter what. The more confidently you do your thing, the more convincing the gig will be in the end. And you never know who is in the crowd ... It is also very dangerous when it comes to the mixer to mess it up because, for example, the stage sound doesn't sound as good as one would like or is used to. Some systems or locations can pose problems and if you then rail against the DJ from the stage, who is already despairing because of the sound anyway, you don't need to be surprised if he then gets insulted and crosses it on principle doesn't want to lift a finger anymore. After the gig you can celebrate well deservedly, unless you have to be back on stage the next day because you're on tour.

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