Line master from KS Digital

LineMaster is the only phase-linear mastering monitor in the world using cylindrical shaft technology and will be available at Peak Studios from mid-November!

The highest feasible sound neutrality is guaranteed by FIRTEC filters which are linear in phase and magnitude. The active membrane control DMC realizes phase-linear, impulsive basses without swinging in and out. The highest level of control, especially during mastering, is guaranteed by the controlled emission with near-field expansion in NEXT technology. The oversized line reserves of the output stages ensure that the electrical signal is converted with as little distortion as possible.

The LineMasters have an input control and work with a headroom of 20dBu, which means that distortions due to overdriving are excluded. If it does happen that the full-scale level is exceeded, a limiter intercepts this and thus prevents the driver of the box from being destroyed. Overloads and scaling or rounding noise that are known from other devices can be excluded with the line master because a theoretical dynamic of over 1500 dB is possible. Furthermore, you can switch the inputs between Digital In Left and Digital In Right. To generate and play back a mono signal, you simply have to activate both inputs.

The remote control can be used to control the volume at the workstation without reducing the word length of the input signal. There are three different ways of doing this. On the one hand via PC remote control software, this enables access to all parameters of the signal distribution (can also be controlled manually on the back of the box). On the other hand, via an analog hardware controller, which is connected to the loudspeaker and controls the VCA input signals in order to control the amplification of the output stage. The third option is via a digital hardware controller, which allows access to all signal processing parameters (such as the PC software), which in turn can also be set by turning the back of the box.

The line master linearizes the bass with an analog membrane control, the DMC (dynamic membrane control). The membrane movement is measured in terms of path, speed and acceleration. The DMC also has a sensor that can measure each of the three movement variables (amplitude, speed, acceleration). In the controller, the values ​​of the music signal currently available are compared with the measured and calculated values. In this way it can always be achieved that the membrane performs exactly the movement that is needed to reproduce the signal. This makes ringing or other errors impossible.

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