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Our new B-Studio shines with the finest acoustics in the smallest of spaces.



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Mastering studio acoustic optimization

The Audio mastering is the final control instance before the release of a professional studio music production. She poses extremely high demands on quality the listening environment to identify the perfect sound of the music. In addition to choosing the right speakers (in our new B-Studio, we use a "State-of-the-art" Dutch & Dutch loudspeaker system) and an extremely well-trained audio mastering ear, this applies in particular to the acoustic design of the mastering control room: the room acoustics.

We didn't want to be restricted in the technically feasible room acoustics due to the very small room of Studio-B of only 15 square meters and we specifically chose the renowned mbakustik GmbH entrusted with this demanding project. The aim from the beginning was to achieve the optimal balance between acoustic perfection, visual design and the required project budget.

By means of a so-called Modal analysis First, the dominant eigenmodes (room resonances) were determined in the studio and on this detailed basis an initial room acoustic design plan was carried out. In the subsequent commissioned production are all individual acoustic elements in the in-house, fine acoustic manufacture of mbakustik GmbH in northern Germany. Because in addition to the important room measurements and detailed acoustic planning, we have spared no costs and consistently only used original acoustic modules from mbakustik GmbH to ensure efficiency and quality no compromise enter into.

Our new B-Studios shines with powerful bass traps of the type "TrapCore" and Broadband absorber of the type “A115“As well as an absorbent special ceiling sail.

And the result is really good:

An incredibly natural and at the same time precise studio sound, in which the Dutch & Dutch speakers also play a major role. Authentic, neutral, and at the same time very musical.

Markus Bertram, owner of mbakustik GmbH

Chris Jones from Peak Studios and Markus Bertram from MB-Akustik


Since the optimization of the room acoustic parameters was completed in September, we also had a frame construction built for our acoustic front, which was refined with a fabric covering.

Mixing and Mastering Studio - B-Studio by Peak Studios

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