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J&J introduce themselves:

Who are you?

We are J&J from Berlin and are made up of rapper and producer.

What are you doing right now?

We're both still going to school and doing our Abitur. In our free time we work on other singles.

How did you come up with the idea to produce music?

We have known each other for over ten years and have always shared many interests. We already produced other tracks before our debut single, but on “Late Night” we thought it was the perfect song to get started in the music business.

What drives you to make music?

We can live out our creativity with music and share our enthusiasm.

How did the album come about?

The album wasn't actually planned at all, we first recorded a few tracks that were supposed to be released as singles. All the songs together had a common thread and that's how the album “Tumblr Girls” came about.

Which track do you like best?

We can't say for sure, we've put a lot of work into all of the tracks and we're very proud of each one.

How did the tracks come about?

Every beat had a certain mood that showed which way the song was going. Experiences were processed in the lyrics, which means that each track has its own story.


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Are you satisfied with the result?

We are very proud of what we have achieved, we want to appeal to and inspire our listeners with the music.

What do you plan to do in the future?

We have already planned a lot, and there will be huge things coming your way. Make yourself ready for something!

How would you characterize yourself in a few words?

Humorous, purposeful, active, creative

How do you envision your future career?

At the moment we are investing a lot of time in music and if the opportunity arises to turn our hobby into a profession, then of course we will take it.

How did the video shoot go?

It was clear to us that “INTRO” was perfect for a video shoot. The video shoot took three days and took a lot of time. We're freezing with the result.

Where did you mix and master your album?

We have all our music mixed and mastered at the Peak Studios in Würzburg, they did a great job and are 100% recommended.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

CEO - Mixing and mastering engineer. Has been running Peak Studios since 2006 and is the first online service provider for audio services. More about Chris

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