Is your hearing damaged too?

Do you still hear correctly or is your hearing already damaged?

Increasing hearing impairment

A leading report shows that the majority of young people between the ages of 16-24 already suffer from significant hearing impairment. The reason is that the music is much too loud, which often has a sound pressure level of well over 85 dB. Complicity, we see, are much too loud mixed and mastered Songs, as well as the exaggerated cranking of the music systems in clubs. Above all, the much too high controllable music level of MP3 players etc.

How does hearing actually work?

This is described very well in a nice article from RTL. You can find the article on this at:

Hearing: this is how hearing works!

When noise becomes torture! Hyperacusia (sensitivity to noise) on the rise

Those who are sensitive to noise have nothing to laugh about these days. Everywhere in everyday life we ​​encounter loud noises, regardless of whether it is cars, construction machinery, noise from office equipment, etc. In the following article you will find more detailed information on the subject of hyperacusia: When noise becomes torture! Noise sensitivity on the rise!

Do I still hear correctly? Take the test now!

Here you will find a test in which the most important parameters are queried and you can quickly determine whether noise is one of your enemies in everyday life! Listening test online

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