Hip-hop vocals and hip-hop beats

Production, recording and mixing of hip hop vocals and beats

Recording hip-hop vocals and producing and Mixing hip-hop beats is an art in itself. We have put together something for you again. Of course, there isn't a 200-page “How to become a rapper tutorial” here. At least, however, you will find a little support.

Have fun while reading!

Mixing hip hop vocals. That's how it's done!

1. Preparations, equipment

The Record the vocals it is important a good one Microphone to use. Don't rely on the bad recording quality im Mix can fix completely. Therefore are a Pop screen, and preamp important. As a preamp we recommend you the Godlen Age Project Pre-73Mk2 and a good microphone is e.g Neumann TLM-49 or the TLM-102 for the small budget. Furthermore, the Raumakustik a crucial role. Often there is not enough money for one professional studiowhy many Home recording im Basement or hobby room, mostly at the expense of Quality, operate. As a smaller one Tip für die Low budget people: In the Middle of the room record and with heavy curtains (Eg Theater curtains) about 2-3 meters behind the microphone. Depending on your taste, you can also hang other places. Just make sure that you don't make too much space “dead”.

2. Cut vocals

The To cut When it comes to vocals, it is important to have empty spaces (sg Silence with background noise), as these will otherwise be compressed later and, among other things, to DC offset (DC offset) being able to lead. To the authenticity and naturalness of Recording not to lose, one lets Breathe inside. Fade In (Show recording) and Fade Out (hide recording) of the cut vocals.

 3. Equalizing

The Low Cut of the Vocals should be around 100-150 Hz lie, for more Bass and Heat between 200 and 300 Hz. To get more Heights from the Vocals to get out about im 12 KHz range. It is also important to use a DeEsser for the S sounds. Much better it is of course to be included in such a way that sharp S-sounds  do not arise in the first place. Since you can certainly imagine that I won't tell you now, but will pick it up another time, you'd better take one first deesser at hand.

By the way, we also offer Mixing lessons an. More information is available by Email Address.

4. Compression

The compression will the Loudness of the Vocals customized. This is very important as most Rapper ready to go mastered beats record, tape.

 5. effects

As a send effect come in Reverb - no this has nothing to do with the German spelling 😉 - (Room effect or in Hip Hop usage as "Hall“Labeled) very good, im Home recording report are Presets already a good one reference point. Here, too, you don't need to believe that any well-known producer seine Settings reveals - they're not stupid either - but at least it serves as a benchmark.

HipHop Beats - From old school to news cool to trap

A distinctive feature for Hip-hop beats are popping Drums and a rich bass. These used to be classic Beats familiar with the Akai MPC produced, BPM number = 90 BPM. Today this is, no after Genre, between 72 and 172 BPM. typical Sounds for hip-hop beats are

  • Brass
  • Piano
  • Orkester hits
  • Strings
  • Vox samples

Possible structure of a hip-hop beat (German version):

Intro, 1st part = 16 bars 1st refrain = 8 bars 2nd part = 16 bars 2nd refrain = 8 bars Bridge = 8 bars 3rd refrain = 16 bars Outro = 4 bars

Possible structure of a hip-hop beat (US version):

Intro, Hook, 1st part = 12 bars 1st refrain = 8 bars 2nd part = 12 bars 2nd refrain = 8 bars Bridge = 8 bars 3rd refrain = 16 bars Outro = 4 bars.

Hip hop beats download

When downloading Hip Hop Beats you should always pay attention to the resolution of the file. Of course, the best would be Wave in 24 bit. However, the beats are usually only available as bad Mp3s, so you have to expect sound losses in the mixing process. So if you are looking for hip hop beats to download, then see if you can reach the producer for the beat of your choice and ask him for a higher resolution. The producers are of course interested in your beat sounding as good as possible. So if you argue sensibly, you shouldn't have any problems here


Rap mixing:


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