Gozpel - Sympathoz (Album)

Gozpel - Sympathoz CD Release

Today, on November 07th, 2014, the debut album Sympathoz by Berlin rapper GOZPEL will be released. We are very proud that Chris Jones from Peak Studios was allowed to take over the mastering of the album. The 25-year-old native of Berlin is most likely known through rap on Wednesdays (Backspin). There Gozpel did not attract attention for his opponents because of his primitive sayings, but because of his sympathetic way of creating punchlines (Rap 'N' Blues). In real life, the Kreuzberg student by choice is a natural sciences student and is currently working on his thesis (rap). The idea of ​​producing an album was offered to Gozpel by the Hijackers label. Then he started looking for beats and writing the first lyrics. From the beginning it was clear that the album should be about the rapper himself and that everything had to be 100% "Gozpelstyle" (Backspin). Gozpel Sympathoz CD cover The title of the album Sympathoz is a word creation out of sympathy and pathos, which was also included in all tracks. On the cover you can see the rapper's face from the front and twice to the side, because the front view alone was too boring for him (backspin).

The facts about the album:

What is this album about?

Thematically, the album is very diverse. In the emotional tracks it's about everything that Gozpel was concerned with during his creative period, including fear of the future, optimism, thoughts of loss. Furthermore, the tracks are about women, stalkers and parties. A track only consists of punchlines that Gozpel came up with after a caffeine shock from a coffee (backspin). Gozpel himself likes thoughtful songs, he doesn't like tracks that are about violence. He thinks the styles of the artists Prinz Pi and Casper are great and that is exactly the direction he wants to go. Furthermore, he was inspired by Kool Savas and KIZ, he particularly likes that the two convey social criticism in crude texts. Gozpel's absolute favorite album is “Savas goes Hollywood” (rap). What is also striking about Gozpel's album is that he often raps from the we-perspective. That's because he likes to talk collectively because he doesn't like people talking or rapping about themselves all the time. Gozpel says: "Come on, let's do it together!" (Rap).

What features are on the album?

Many features are not to be found on the album, that was a very conscious decision, as it is a debut album by Gozpel and whose skills are in the foreground and should be shown. That is why the features have been chosen very deliberately. Highlife are friends of Gozpel who have been by his side for a long time, so it was clear from the start that both of them had to be on the album. Crackaveli got to know Gozpel through his label and the two got along brilliantly despite their different musical styles and the track turned out really good! The third feature is with Serk, who is an old friend of Produes and he was immediately excited to work with them (Backspin).

Gozpel's fondest memory

Gozpel's best memory of the time of production is the joint recording of the track “Nobody is perfect” with Tighty and Cence. This is exactly how he could imagine his everyday life, have fun, be creative and then produce a bomb track (backspin).     Sources:

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