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Musicians are artists with a passion that is deeply rooted in their souls. But finding the perfect gift for them is often a challenge. Many musicians already own high-end instruments and equipment, making it difficult to find a unique and meaningful gift. This is where we come in! We offer the ideal gift for musicians: a voucher for any service at Peak Studios. Whether it's a professional recording session in one of our three state-of-the-art recording studios, a first-class mixing session or the finishing touches in mastering - we provide musicians with a level of quality that is not available to them privately. This gift is not only a sign of appreciation for their musical talent, but also a unique opportunity to open up new possibilities for their creativity.  


Why the voucher from Peak-Studios is the perfect gift:  

  • Uniqueness: Unlike traditional gifts such as instruments or accessories, a studio session offers an unforgettable experience. It's a chance to create something lasting and personal
  • Professional quality: With the support of our experienced sound engineers, musicians can capture their work in exceptional sound quality. The end result is a recording that showcases their vision and skills in all their glory.
  • Creative expression: A studio session gives musicians the freedom to experiment and push their artistic boundaries. In a professional environment, they can explore new sounds and turn their musical ideas into reality.
  • Education and development: In addition to recording, musicians gain insights into the mixing and mastering process. This knowledge is not only valuable for their current session, but also enriches their future musical projects. Whether for ambitious amateurs or experienced professionals, there is something for everyone in our range.


The following services can be redeemed with the musician gift voucher:

  • Recording – Professional recording in one of our 3 recording studios.
  • mixing and Mastering – Post-processing of your own recording – online or in the recording studio.
  • Mix analysis – Professional expertise for your own post-processing including recommendations for action, tips and tricks
  • Lessons in mixing and mastering – Individual lessons for audio editing, either online or directly in our studio

How much should the gift voucher for musicians cost?

To get a feel for how expensive the services are that can be redeemed with the voucher, it is best to use our Price overview. Don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions - we'll be happy to help and advise you!

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A suitable gift for a drummer is, for example, new drum sticks, a new cymbal, hi-hats or microphones, interface to record the drums. Another alternative is mixing lessons from Peak Studios. Here the drummer learns how to set the perfect scene for his recordings and make the drums sound crisp and powerful. Our mix analysis also helps drummers to get even better at creating their sound.

With your mixing voucher from Peak-Studios, we ensure the ideal sound of the recorded drums. A gift for eternity.

If you want to give a guitarist a present, you can buy new strings - but which ones? You can buy him a new guitar - it can be very expensive. Or you can buy him sheet music - but what kind?

With a musician gift voucher from Peak-Studios, the guitarist can choose whether they want to immortalize their skills on a recording or learn how to get an ideal guitar sound through targeted mixing.

The perfect gift for a singer could be vocal lessons, sheet music, song lyrics or a professional recording in a recording studio. With the gift voucher for singers from Peak-Studios, the recipient can immortalize their voice in one of our 3 recording studios and have it professionally edited.


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