Under Free beats one understands free instrumentalswhich are for non-commercial use, mostly in hip hop and rap Area, made available by so-called beat producers. Freebeats like this can often be found on portals such as, sound click or other platforms. The instrumentals are mostly offered as mp3 and provided with a "voice tag" so that everyone who hears the beat knows which producer it came from. In terms of quality, MP3s are usually the norm here, with compromises in terms of sound - but not desirable.

Usually the producers of the Free Beats also offer a paid version without voice tags with delivery of the instrumental as a wave or individual tracks. The prices for this vary between 50 and 1000 euros per beat. As a rule, a purchase is always worthwhile, because on the one hand you can use the beat completely freely and on the other hand you have it in high quality and can play it, which has a positive effect on the overall quality of the song.

If you decide to use a “free beat”, you should at least try to ask the producer about the release of the beat as an uncompressed wave so that you can listen to it afterwards Mixing hip-hop, rap and trap beats does not have to accept any loss of quality.


So that your free beats also sound good, we offer you our mastering!

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