Online mastering is the final step in audio post-production in the recording studio. The main thing here is to separate the various elements of the audio file that were previously in the Mixing  have been merged, to balance them exactly and to optimize them for playback on different players. Regardless of which end device is available to the listener, the mastering should guarantee the best possible listening experience. The term "eMastering" means that this step is carried out using electronic aids, whereby both working on the PC at home and using software in the recording studio qualify mastering as eMastering.

From mastering to e-mastering

Editing audio recordings on the PC was of course not always a standard in post-production - after the invention of the phonograph by Thomas A. Edison (1878) it took some time before e-mastering became the standard in the studios. When working with tapes, it turned out that the noise, the frequency response, the sound quality and the loudness of the tape could be balanced even more precisely with equalizers and dynamic tools, thus enabling a first form of mastering.

Nowadays it has become rather rare for mastering studios to work purely analog - accordingly, e-mastering has become the new standard in mastering. This means that software is always used in some form. These are mostly so-called plugins that simulate devices from analogue mastering in the form of software on the computer. This gives audio engineers more options to create the optimal master and make it available online.

The purpose of e-mastering, just like conventional mastering, is to balance the tonal elements of a mix and to optimize playback on all playback devices and media, and to process it in such a way that the song sounds as “good” as possible on all devices. In e-mastering, it's not just the frequency curve, level and loudness that count, but also what's still there Headroom. This is required to streaming portals to enable the conversion into other playback formats so that the song can also be played on different end devices.

Could we arouse your interest in eMastering?

In addition to the large number of different options for audio processing using various plugins, nowadays you benefit from being able to commission the master online from the comfort of your own home and being able to make use of the technology and know-how of experienced e-mastering engineers.