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Our EDM mixing tips

No matter which big one EDM artist you listen to tracks, there are always overlaps in the technology, the arrangement, the effects, transitions and drops, as well as in the mixing and mastering. In order to bring your EDM productions closer to the desired result, we would like to present some important points today so that you can perfect mixdown succeed!

1. Side chain / ducking technique

That way Tracks As Titanium from David Guetta or Skillrex Bangarang get this eye-catching pump effect, the side chain technique is used. For example, if you want to ensure that the bassline goes to the rhythm the kick pumps so one would have to proceed as follows:

1. You put a compressor with a side chain input on the bassline (normally everyone is Compressor nowadays equipped with a).

2. Now you route the kick into the sidechain input of the compressor.

3. The intensity of the effect can then be adjusted with the threshold controller.


To simplify this process, I recommend the following VST plugin:


2. Transitions

The following tips can help you improve your transitions:

1. Increase a snare, clap from 1/16 to 1/64 or 1/128 = snare roll

2. Use Raise up effects which rise parallel to it

3. At the end of your transition you can add a high pass filter (HPF), which then removes the lows and lower mids of your snare roll and thus increases the power of the drop.

4. If you increase a melody you can possibly also work with reverb and create a sequence in which the reverb component is reduced with increasing speed. This would also be possible the other way around.

5. Create breaks in your songs - they invigorate and ensure that the power persists and does not weaken. Because less is often more!

6. Work with reverse, for example with a cymbal

3. Synthesizers

1. Make sure that you are always dealing with different Oscillators work.

An example: Use a synth with a square shape (rectangle) as the bassline, a synth with a saw shape (triangle) as the leading and a synth with a sine shape (sine) as the deep bass.

2. leading synthAs you can find them with DJ Antoine, for example, they often have a very short release, but high decay and sustain time.

3. A high one Attack time with your leading synth in combination with sidechain can achieve interesting results.

4. General mixing technique

Make sure that your Mixing EDM (electronic music) Tracks get a full and, above all, powerful mid-range image. The voice - unless your name is Sia - you can place it nicely in the mix and don't have to stand above it. The bass range should be nice and round and have a slightly steep roll-off curve. The heights appear very bright in the EDM and are heavily compressed. But also here applies: Less is often more!

Authors: Marcel Eitle, Chris Jones

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