German Rock & Pop Prize 2018 - Rapper Thööö wins 2nd place

The 36th German Rock & Pop Prize 2018 took place this year in the Siegerlandhalle in Siegen. the Rapper "Thööö" and the singer "Omnitah" were nominated individually and together for the German Rock & Pop Award 2018. Thöö wins 2nd place! Thöö had done his mix online with us.

In the following interview, you can find out what Thööö experienced at the event and what position they both occupied.

Rapper Thööö with winner certificate

The German Rock & Pop Prize is legendary - it has been around for 36 years. This time I was allowed to be a part of it. I was awarded a special prize in Siegen for my first hip-hop album. How it came about and how I experienced the event, I want to describe here.

In May 2018 I finished “Thööö - Standby”, with wonderful support from Chris Jones (PEAK-STUDIOS - MIXING AND MASTERING), who thanks to his good hearing and his technical ability at the Master the song took the very last finishing touches to the songs.

After the start of sales, Omnitah, a very good friend and musician, recommended that I take part in the German Rock & Pop Prize in the category “Best German Hip-Hop Album”. Omnitah supported me musically with my album and can be heard in several songs on it.

So I sent my CD to the German Rock & Pop Prize, with no great expectations of going any further. After several months the confirmation came that I was among the top three, the joy was great! It's going to VICTORIES !!!

Let family and friends know and booked a hotel, we won't miss it!

There is space for more than 1000 people in the Siegerlandhalle to cheer on the nominated musicians in the main categories. The whole day long singers and bands showed their skills on stage, there was a lot of coming and going in the hall, one performance chased the next. No wonder: there are prizes in eight main categories and 117 special categories. As a result, there was not enough backstage area, so we used the toilet for the disabled to warm ourselves up. 🙂

Rapper Thööö and singer Omnitah during the performance

We, that means Omnitah and me. I was allowed to perform her song “Lieber Gott” on stage with her in the afternoon. In it I have a rap part that can also be heard on their current album. The audience was enthusiastic, and we received great applause. I was also particularly pleased with the collegiality among the artists: After our performance, some musicians came to us to express their appreciation.

In the evening the tension increased: the nominees came on stage for the award ceremony. When it came to my category and I received the 2nd prize for the best German hip-hop album, I was thrilled. Receiving this award after so much work is great praise.

All winners of the 36th German Rock & Pop Prize

Omnitah was also successful: It took first place in several categories - our joy could no longer be stopped. Before that happened, however, we had to be very patient: by the time all the prizes had been awarded, it was already midnight.

Singer Omnitah at the award ceremony

We drove home with many impressions from this eventful day. Since then, the certificate has had a place of honor in my studio. Megaaaa… 🙂






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