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Where do you all come from and how did the band come about, when was it founded / introduce yourself?

We are Adrian, Frieder and Elias and we got to know and love each other during our school days on the picturesque but rough Swabian Alb.

The first songs were written in the years before when Frieder was not part of the party. But the third person was very important for live performances, as the musical ideas could now be realized.

It has been over 5 years since the Daily Journey was perfected. Since then we have been exploring the most diverse musical genres in our own way and presenting the mostly melodious results to a broad indie audience.

With our first album "South Town Dream" 2015 we released numerous freedom-loving songs into the living rooms and cars of our dear listeners.

Over the years we have played a number of smaller and larger concerts and once again developed our music further. That culminated in our second album "Careless" at the end of 2017, in which we hit a much quieter note.

We are currently working towards our third album, which will be recorded in August this year, with great anticipation. This time we swear off the melancholy again and let our joie de vivre run its full course!

We have always kept the recording and production of our albums completely independently and on our own in order to have control over the fact that in the end the songs become a complete realization of ourselves.

What are you working on at the moment?

We are currently working on two different projects. On the one hand we have a somewhat more electronic EP, on the other hand a fully acoustic folk album!

How can you understand this combination?

Our band has always done very creative songwriting. And it is very difficult for these creative phases to be impressed by narrow genre boundaries!

Many different songs have been created over the years, but they are difficult to summarize on joint albums. That's why we have now decided to make a small EP for the more electronic songs! The sound on this EP is fundamentally different from anything we've done before. It was crazy to record a work and already be practically done with the instruments after a well-rehearsed electric guitar, since all the other sounds were electronic? We are super satisfied with the EP and are also happy that we dared to do this side project, as it simply gives a very clear insight into our diverse way of making music. We have now finished the EP and it will be out on Friday, September 13.09.2019th, XNUMX!

Our other project is our folk album, which we recorded last week in picturesque Ochsenhausen, here we are only at the beginning of our work chain, ie this album will probably be a bit long in coming.

What does your work chain mean, how does an album production work for you?

Basically we try to keep everything in hand. We do the recordings ourselves, the mixing ourselves and the design ourselves. With each album, a little more is invested in our studio. These investments and the higher level of experience that we have when starting a new album compared to the previous album mean that we can approach each album a bit more professionally and with higher quality. There are definitely some things that could improve our recordings or make our mixes a little more balanced. What helps us a lot is an experienced mastering engineer who ultimately does the mastering and the image for the press shop. So we can be sure that the basic sound will definitely go through a capable hand that will sort out the last blunders. In the bass range in particular, we cannot fully control our mixes, as this would require far more professional acoustic measures in our studio. With our EP we were with Chris Jones, and the first version of the album presented us with the basic sound and the bass balance, which we just couldn't manage 100% ourselves.

I think without such an experienced Mastering studio our way of album production wouldn't work! At this point, thanks go to Chris!

How do you choose a mastering studio when it has such an important role in your album production?

That's a good question and we still don't have a definite answer after 3 albums. Actually, we are against the competition of test masters, because a test master cannot express whether a mastering engineer can bring a uniform, beautiful overall sound to an album. The test master song can also sound good, but the engineer cannot convince with the other songs.

In the end, it's a combination of all sorts of things. It is extremely important to have a phone call in which you can discuss the basic approach and possible ideas about the sound. The availability of the engineer and the time in which an inquiry is answered is also very important. It is still a creative process, and especially in online mastering it is important that you work intensively and easily with the engineer in order to give the whole work the right personality in the end! It was precisely the quick contact and his suitable ideas about the sound that led us to Chris. It was very comforting and efficient to work with him as all topics could be discussed quickly and the new version was practically there the same or next day!


If the EP is more electronic now, how can you imagine the folk album?

On the new full album we went back to our live sound. We borrowed fantastic guitars for the recordings, again have a lot of banjo, mandolin and piano on the recordings, and of course a lot of 3-part chants. Basically the album gets unexpectedly energetic and fast, and in our opinion it conveys the greatest amount of joy that a Daily Journey album has ever conveyed?

How do you define your music?

Over the years, the declaration “Acoustic-Indie-Coutry-Blue-Folk” has always been valid, which has the advantage that you don't have to commit to anything. Our music has always changed and we just can't commit to a single genre because our spirits are too free for that. At the moment there is a lively enthusiasm in the band for indie folk, but at the same time also for electro indie. Getting it under one roof is not that easy, but we do our best and don't let the fun take away.

Why did you call yourself the “Daily Journey”?

The principle of our philosophy is that the inspiration for music comes from travel, excursions and thoughts of freedom. Many of our songs were written in beautiful places while traveling or on excursions in the beautiful surroundings. We argue that life can be seen as a journey, with each day representing a new journey. These daily trips are the reason why we chose this name.


Album pre-order: shop.dailyjourney.de

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6MqyvY6yeAQzEvk3F3GkVd?si=M3vaiu1gQp-QIQYflY5Ymg

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtzJtGFoDN2u7y2CH_9zgFg

Website: www.dailyjourney.de

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/dailyjourneymusic/

Facebook: www.facebook.de/dailyjourneymusic

Current video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgAjjDvs1no

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