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Due to the current circumstances of the corona pandemic, artists and musicians are hit particularly hard. Many of them no longer perform, so they do not earn any money and, in turn, can no longer meet their fixed costs. We in the mastering area are also feeling the clear uncertainty as to how things will continue in the crisis and whether we will master this crisis together. For the audio industry this is of course a bitter blow, because it lives for the most part from concert income and the resulting CD / sound carrier / merch sales. Without income - no new productions! In this context, we have decided to continue to support you with projects in the field of mixing and mastering! The crisis will pass again and everyday life will return. We assume that there will be a short-term “boom” in the music industry, as a failure is attempted to catch up. Therefore, in our opinion, it is definitely advantageous to use the calm of the Corona crisis and make projects "ready for publication". Especially those who quickly refill when everything is back to normal will be able to benefit considerably from this.

Corona help for musicians

The government, individual federal states and also the music associations are working hard to ensure that the musicians do not “fall under the table”. There are already some auxiliary programs such as the Corona emergency aid with 5000-30000 euros non-refundable. But this is only one way to get money, to save money or to suspend payments in order to overlook the crisis halfway unscathed. So offer associations like the GEMA, GVL or others are slowly starting to put on the first "rescue packages"

Corona help from Peak Studios for artists and musicians

Since we keep a close eye on current events, we are also very well informed about funding and savings opportunities, especially for musicians and freelance artists. We not only help you to survive the crisis in the best possible way, but also advise you on how best to stay “in conversation” during this time and place your music.

In the course of the crisis, we offer our customers one flexible payment plan (similar to payment in installments or purchase on account) in order not to endanger production and to generate income again as quickly as possible.

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