How is a CD made?

Production processes in a CD production

First of all, the concept of the song of the music is often created by the producer. The artist usually writes the text on the draft of the instrumental that is available to him. With more independent artists, these steps can come from one and the same person. In the following article we explain the process of a CD production from CD mixing to mastering.

In the next step, the engineer and the artist record the instruments of the song as well as all vocals. The producer is always there to ensure that his ideas are implemented. The engineer then mixes the recordings according to the ideas of the artist and artist. If the song is accepted by everyone after the mix, it is passed on to the mastering engineer. Of the Mastering engineer mostly works independently of the Our artists and producers as well as from Recording-Engineer. This checks and eliminates technical errors in the mix and adjusts the frequency response so that the song sounds “good” on as many playback sources as possible.

After editing in Mastering process if the result goes back to the producer and artist for final acceptance. If this is found to be good, the material is sent to the press shop for reproduction. This is delivered there either as an audio CD or as a DDP image (Disc Description Protocol) or the songs are sent as a wave. Ultimately, different production processes can differ a little. There are artists or producers who only deal with their title for the final acceptance - there are also producers or artists who want to be present in as many production processes as possible in order to bring their ideas a little more in and the production in the direction they want to steer.

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