Blood and Cash - Aggro.TV Advent Calendar Song

In our Blog Series "Behind the scenes“I would like to give you a little insight into how it goes behind the scenes Song production looks like. How are the work steps and above all we would like to show you how much work is really behind it. Today I'm going to show you a project from Blood and cash for Aggro.TV advent calendar. The song is about love and affection for one's loved ones, combined with the media Christmas madness.

In the following video we show you the basic steps of working on the song. At the beginning a little "Making the beat“Video by Bad educated, followed by the interview with Blood and cash and at the end a compilation of the mixing and Test master Process of the song.
I hope we could give you an insight into the work on the song. Here is the song for the Advent Calendar on AGGRO.TV

More info:

Blood and cash: Aggro TV: Bad Educated (Beat producer)