Better mixing! 10 tips for better production

10 tips for better audio production

Especially with the Mixing you can always do something differently to get better results, for later delivery in Mastering studio,to achieve. We have put together a small list of little helpers for a better mix or Music production provided.

  1. Do after every hour Take a 5 to 10 minute break. That increases your concentration. Make sure that you are not exposed to any noise during this time.
  2. Lay down several monitoring volumes at. In the following link we explain how this works.Adjust the volume correctly - this is how it's done!
  3. Avoid multitasking! You can only do one thing 100%! So stay away from nonsense!
  4. Always have one Analyzer ready. This is also extremely important for mastering later on.
  5. Lay one Time of day for your End of project firmly. No matter if it's finished or not!
  6. Put yourself a "Raw mix"So that you can choose between"beforearound "afterwards“Can compare.
  7. If you don't feel fit and ready to give up to 100%, don't do anything!
  8. Always do work steps such as cutting vocals or filtering out resonance frequencies separately. This is how you avoid forgetting something. It is important to keep track of things, especially with large projects.
  9. Do delicate mixing tasks at the beginning of the work process. Hearing works at first of  Project more objective than in the end.
  10. If you have no idea how to solve a task, don't be afraid to ask someone!

We all cook with water and the false selfishness of some colleagues about facts that can be found on Google is, in my opinion, false pride 🙂

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