Changes in the Arrangement, Exchanging and Complementing Sounds

    Changes in the Arrangement

    You wonder how to improve your arrangement during mixing or in the mix. Who doesn’t know that situation? Often, a song loses its thrill or power due to a bad arrangement. Often, too much is put into the mix of the audio material and the song sounds overloaded and overwhelmes the listener. Here, it is important to say: „less is more!“

    We love to have our wheels turning for you! If you like, we will give your song a new arrangement or carry out modifications in the arrangement, so that your mix will have the optimal requirements for a mastering.


    Exchanging and Adding of Sounds

    You still need a good instrument sound? We have access to a library of over 6 million titles and sounds. Moreover, we do possess high quality guitar amps, synthezisers, bass amps and sounds for the background that will improve your project and make it appear with much higher quality. Through our analogous studio equpment, we are able to get the best possible result for your song.

    Creativity Is Our Power!

    Our team is happy to help you creating and realizing your project.